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Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings 

Earrings are elegant pieces of jewelry. As with many jewelry pieces,  earrings have a variety of designs to choose from. Earrings can take many forms and be worn on almost every part of the ear including the cartilage. Typically, you’d have to get a piercing to wear earrings, right?  Not quite, today some earrings attach to your ears without piercings,  they use magnetism to hold their position in your ear. This magnetic earring option is very popular with boys as they may like the fashion statement earrings make but may not want their ears pierced. It is an elegant alternative. 

The above introductory paragraph has sung the praises of earrings. We are now moving on to the main purpose of this article which is to introduce a stunning kind of earrings. One that pulls at the heartstrings of anybody who sets their eyes on it. These gorgeous jewelry pieces are known as gold diamond butterfly earrings

What Are Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings 

These are earrings that are made from gold and are adorned with diamonds and a butterfly motif. As simple and straight to the point, as these earrings seem, there is a variety of options to choose from. But before we go on to lead you through the process of picking your gold diamond butterfly earrings, we will explain the main components of these earrings. 

We'll start with the first thing that registers in our mind when we get a  glimpse of these beautiful earrings, the butterfly.

What Is A Butterfly? 

A butterfly is a flying insect that is characterized by its large, colorful, and scaly wings. A fascinating aspect of the butterfly's life in fact when it becomes a butterfly. These critters are not born as the beautiful flying insects that we find in our garden on a nice sunny day. They first exist as caterpillars and then enter into a chrysalis for about 5 to 21 days. After that, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis and flies away to live the rest of its life. 

Moving on, let’s talk about the metal that is used in these gorgeous earrings. 

What Is Gold? 

Gold is a metal that is characterized by its unique yellow luster and non-tarnish nature. This metal has been around for many centuries and in fact, it was first used in jewelry. This was because ancient people found that gold was very malleable so they used it to adorn themselves and important objects too. But the softness of gold does not let it hold shape,  figures, or symbols hence the creation of gold alloys. 

Last but not the least, an insight into the world's most popular gemstone. 

What Is A Diamond? 

This is a crystalline form of carbon, they are formed under high temperature and pressure deep below the earth's surface. These gemstones are very beautiful and offer remarkable brilliance especially when cut properly.  

You would most likely find diamonds in a colorless or slightly colored state. That has been the common color choice of many people for many 

years. However, in recent times colored diamonds like yellow, brown,  green, blue, pink, violet, grey, purple, orange, and brown are becoming high in demand. The rarest of these color variants is the red diamond. 

Every component of gold diamond butterfly earrings is worth writing home about. However, these are not the only parts we love about them. 

Symbolism Of Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings 

Each aspect of these earrings, the gold, the butterfly, and the diamond,  have their peculiar symbolism. We will highlight a few notable meanings people commonly attach to them. 


The most popular meanings that people attach to diamonds are related to love. The reason is simple, diamonds have been used to indicate intent to marry as well as to exchange vows. So, over time the significance of love and the bond a couple of shares has been attributed to the gemstone. 

Some other meanings that are attached to these gemstones are purity,  unity, strength, love, good health, commitment, and many others. It’s no wonder that they are a major component in gold diamond butterfly earrings. 


The metal has been used to signify political status, wealth, and power over the years. This is because of its unique and natural yellow luster.  It’s no wonder that the metal has symbolism of:

  • Luxury 
  • Wealth 
  • Extravagance 
  • Prosperity 
  • Success 
  • Achievement 
  • Glamour etc 


The kind of meanings that are attached to this flying insect is so because of its appearance and life cycle. Some of which are: 

  • Transformation 
  • Rebirth  
  • Change 
  • Hope 
  • Life 
  • Health 
  • Wellness 
  • Reaching for goals  
  • Success  

And many others. 

The butterfly is found on every continent on the earth except Antarctica. That’s why many folktales feature the presence of butterflies. Many religions and cultures have their symbolism as well. 

The butterfly has even been used in coping mechanisms for some mental health issues. One of such is the butterfly project. It is a coping mechanism for people that engage in self-harm. They draw a butterfly on their wrist and attach the name of someone that cares about them. If 

by chance they cut their wrists they have killed the butterfly. However,  if they don’t, the butterfly eventually washes away and the butterfly is said to have flown away. 

If you’re not going to buy pre-set gold diamond butterfly earrings, you should know all about the choices you can make and the quality of these choices too. 

Building Your Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings  

We’re going to begin this part of the guide with the gold alloys as well as the diamond shapes you can choose for your earrings

Alloys Of Gold 

  • White Gold: This alloy of gold has a white finish. This is because the metals that are added to the alloy are white metals such as zinc,  palladium, nickel, and silver. 

White gold reached peak popularity in the 20th century. At the time, the common choice for a silvery jewelry metal was platinum but during the time of war, a ban was placed on it. Simply because it was of great benefit to the US military. White gold gave off the same visual appearance as platinum so it had jewelers running to it for their work. 

Nickel used to be the main and only metal that was used to alloy white gold. However, the metal causes allergic reactions in a  majority of people. To prevent this, rhodium was used to coat white gold. It is a white metal that belongs to the platinum family.  It is because it is hypoallergenic, that it is used to coat white gold.

If you love the classic and timeless feel of gold metal but would rather have cool-toned jewelry, then you should get your gold diamond butterfly earrings in white gold. 

  • Rose Gold: This alloy of gold is commonly known as Russian gold; this is because Carl Faberge popularized the metal when he used them in his famous Faberge eggs.  

The characteristic color of this metal is pink which is caused by the mixing of copper with gold. The more the amount of copper in the alloy, the more durable and deeper shade of pink the metal will be. 

Alongside white gold during the world wars, rose gold was a  favored choice. It didn’t serve as a substitute for platinum per se but it was a gorgeous alternative to the silvery metals. 

This metal gives off a romantic and vintage feel, making it a  beautiful choice for your earrings. 

  • Yellow Gold: This is the alloy that has the closest color similarity to natural gold. Copper is also used in this alloy but in a much smaller quantity than in rose gold. A few other metals may also be used in the alloy. 

The highest karat of yellow gold that is fairly durable is 22K. Anything higher than that will be 100% pure gold and it will not hold its shape. The only reason yellow gold is alloyed is because of the need to improve its strength. 

Yellow is the traditional color attached to gold, so it makes for a  perfect choice if you love the true feel of classics. 

While you choose the alloy for your gold diamond butterfly earrings,  you should also select the shape of the diamond that you want.

Shapes Of Diamonds 

Since the diamonds will be for earrings, they’ll likely be cut in smaller carat weights. You have to consider the look you’re going for before you pick your diamond's shape. 

  • Baguette Cut Diamonds: We’re starting with this cut style because it is commonly used as a side or accent stone. The diamonds here are characterized by a long, thin rectangular shape. The diamond features a step cut so it does not emit a lot of brilliance. It gets its name from the French word “bague” which has meant “jewel” and refers to rings. 
  • Round Cut Diamonds: This is the most popular diamond shape. It features 58 facets, which results in outstanding brilliance when light enters the gemstone. In earrings, the main determinant of its beauty is the level of sparkle it gives off, so this makes round cuts a perfect choice for your gold diamond butterfly earrings. 
  • Emerald Cut Diamond: This shape has a diamond cut in a  rectangle with 57-58 facets. But unlike the round cut, the emerald cut does not center on brilliance rather it is cut in a way that showcases the clarity of the gemstone. As you may have guessed,  this shape was initially used for emeralds hence, the name. It also features a step cut just like the baguette cut diamonds. 
  • Princess Cut Diamonds: The level of brilliance of this shape comes second only to the round cut. It features distinct square edges and corners. Its length-to-width ratio is commonly 1.0-1.05.  On a GIA certification, you would find that the gemstone is called  a “square modified brilliant.” 

These are four of some popular shapes that you can find diamonds in.  We intentionally decided to explain two from the step-cut family and two from the brilliant cuts. It goes to show that there is diversity even in the shapes of diamonds. 

Just before you take your diamonds or gold to be set as earrings, you are going to have to ensure its quality. You can easily ask for their relevant certifications yet you may not understand what it says. We’re going to guide you on factors to consider when determining the metal and gemstone quality of your gold diamond butterfly earrings. 

How To Ensure High Quality For Your Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings 

For gold it is quite simple, karat is used to measure the level of pure gold in an alloy. Below is a list showing the common karat measurements and the percentage of pure gold present in them. 

  • 9K – 37.5% pure gold. 
  • 10K – 41.7% pure gold. 
  • 14K – 58.3% pure gold. 
  • 18K – 75% pure gold. 
  • 22K – 91.7% pure gold. 
  • 24K – 100% pure gold. 

You should know that the higher the karat, the less durable gold will be.  We recommend getting your gold diamond butterfly earrings in 14K or  18K. You’ll find the karat measurement of a piece of gold jewelry hallmarked on it. If it is not present, you can get your gold tested either at the jewelry store or at home by yourself.

Now for diamonds, it is quite simple as well, just that this time there are four factors to consider. 

  • Cut: This factor determines the amount of sparkle the diamond will give off. You don’t want to slack on this factor when dealing with earrings because the level of brilliance that your earring emits will determine if it is considered gorgeous or not. A poorly cut diamond will appear dull and lifeless. 
  • Color: Earlier in this article, we mentioned the various colors you can find a diamond in. For simplicity’s sake though, diamonds follow a color scale from D–Z. D represents a completely colorless diamond and as it goes down the scale its color increases until it reaches Z. Any color after Z is considered a fancy diamond. 
  • Clarity: This refers to the level of inclusions and blemishes present in a gemstone. As with color, diamonds also follow a  clarity scale. It ranges from “flawless” at the top of the scale to  “included” at the bottom. 
  • Carat: This refers to the weight of gemstones and it is equivalent to 0.2 grams. Since most earrings are smaller than rings, you’d want to go for smaller carat diamonds. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get big carats though, just know that it will feel heavier on your earlobes. 

Lastly in the process of building your gold diamond butterfly earrings,  you would have to pick the earring style you want them in. 

Choosing The Style Of Your Gold Diamond Butterfly  Earrings

These earrings can take the forms of: 

  • Studs: This is an earring that features a symbol at its front and a  back holding it in place behind the ear lobe. The earring appears to be floating in this setting. 
  • Hoops: These are one of the oldest styles of earrings, they either feature a full or semi-circle. They can also be found in other shapes like triangles, stars, etc. The butterflies can be used to adorn the length of the hoops. 

Some common backs you can use on your earrings are lever backs, push back, friction back, screw back, etc. 

How To Care For Gold Diamond Butterfly  Earrings 

To properly clean these elegant earrings, you should: 

  • Mix water with mild dish soap in a clean bowl. 
  • Soak the earrings in this bowl for up to 30 minutes. 
  • Use a soft brush to scrub all over the earrings. 
  • Rinse them under running water once clean. 
  • Use a soft cloth to pat dry the earrings. 

You have to carry out this cleaning process after every other wear or at least every 2 weeks. If you do it any more frequently than it may result in the earrings getting weak. Fight the temptation to clean them ever so often. 

The next step in caring for your earrings is storage. You should store your earrings wrapped in a soft cloth and separately from other pieces of jewelry. If you have a fabric-lined jewelry box that is divided into compartments, it would be the best place to store your gold diamond butterfly earrings. 

In addition to these maintenance practices, you should take your earrings to a jewelry expert for proper inspection at least once a year. The jewelry expert will check for any loose gemstones, need for rhodium re-plating, etc. 

After going through this article, you will agree with us that if you’re going for earrings then gold diamond butterfly earrings are a  perfect choice for you! We have a glamorous collection at Goldia, check it out now!

Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings

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