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Gold Clover Rings 

You can’t possibly get enough of gorgeous rings. We’re not just saying that every time we get enthusiastic about all the ring styles available.  The beauty we get to experience every day is beyond even our imagination. So, we have decided to give insights on every gorgeous ring we have for sale; this is evident from our previous blog posts. 

In this article, we'll be talking about yet another stunning ring. One that is gorgeous visually and is packed with meaning. It is a simple yet glamourous ring, meaning it works well with every personality type. It’s about time we mentioned their name. You probably know it from the  title but these beauties are called “gold clover rings.” 

The name of this ring sparks curiosity and interest. We were drawn to this ring as soon as we learned about it here at Goldia. We consider it a  stunning recommendation for our customers so we offer these gorgeous rings at our store!  

Of course, we don’t just sell jewelry to you; we want you to know everything there is to know about this jewelry. This includes the materials they are made of and the quality. So, let us take a look at the amazing rings this article is all about, starting with its components. 

What Is Gold? 

This is a naturally occurring precious metal. It has a beautiful metallic luster and is very malleable. This makes it a perfect material in the jewelry industry. Gold does have a significant monetary value though. 

When you take a look at many historical pieces of jewelry, you would find that gold appears much more than once. Gold has served many purposes over the centuries as it is indeed a classic metal.

There are several ways to use gold in your rings which are covered later in this article. For now, it’s time for a little insight into the symbol of this ring. 

What Is A Clover? 

Clover is a plant with gorgeous flowers, that is considered to be a cover crop. The interesting thing about this plant is that it’s not the flowers that attract people to it. It is the leaves, these compound leaves feature 3 or more leaflets. 

The compound leaves are the symbols you would find on your gold clover ring

What Is A Gold Clover Ring? 

This is a ring that is made with gold and features a clover symbol motif. The most common variants you would find feature four-leaf clovers. And this is for a good reason too, the symbolism. 

Symbolism Of A Gold Clover Ring 

The four-leaf clover for a long time has been associated with luck. This symbolism can be attributed to the fact that four-leaf clovers are very rare. How four-leaf clovers are formed has still not been pinpointed but it is established that it is a result of a mutation. 

The chances of finding a four-leaf clover are said to be 1 out of 10,000.  That’s large, it’s no wonder that you’re considered lucky when you find one. You can even get luckier by finding a second clover. This is because a clover tree that produces one four-leaf clover is more likely to produce more than a tree with only three-leaf clovers. 

Clover’s are associated with the saying, the luck of the Irish. This is because four-leaf clovers are more abundant in Ireland than in any part of the world. It’s no wonder gold clover rings are an all-time favorite. 

The Celtic priests (druids) of old, believed that clovers warned them of an imminent threat and offered them ways to avoid them. They used four-leaf clovers as charms in their tradition for protection. Many years ago, children also believed that four-leaf clovers gave them the ability to see fairies. 

In Christianity, it is believed that when Eve was leaving the garden of  Eden, she took a four-leaf clover as a souvenir to remind her of paradise.  The leaves of the clover are also used to represent the holy trinity. This is so because St. Patrick supposedly used this ideology when he introduced  Christianity to the Irish.  

The leaves of the clover are also attributed to hope, love, and faith and the fourth leaf represents luck. 

The Victorians had a reverence for these clovers. They believed it to represent good luck, success, and such. 

The first literary attribution to luck for four-leaf clovers was in the 1600s  by Sir John Melton. He wrote, “If a man walking in the fields find any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after finding some good thing.” 

There’s only so much we can cover on the symbolism of clovers in this article. Still, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two about their rich meaning. Next are the meanings we attach to the metal of gold clover rings.

These symbolisms are straightforward and attributed mostly because of gold's appearance and value. They are: 

  • Glamour 
  • Wealth 
  • Prosperity 
  • Extravagance 
  • Glamour  
  • Success 
  • Luxury 
  • Good health  

You can see that the symbolism of gold makes quite the statement. They couldn’t have been a better pair, this gold, and clover. Now that you have basic knowledge of these rings, we are going to guide you in the process of picking your rings. 

Building Your Gold Clover Ring 

It’s no news that there are many low-quality rings on the market. This is especially true for an intricate design such as gold clover rings. You have to pay attention to detail on everything concerning your ring. Make sure you make a choice that suits your style and is still high quality.  

Choosing The Metal 

We put this step first because a lot of people may neglect the metal choice. This is because they believe it’s settled since they are getting the rings in gold. This is wrong because gold has a variety of options and you need to verify its quality.

Let us now take a brief look at the types of gold available. 

  • Gold Plated: Simply put, this is when a base metal core gets plated in gold either by chemical disposition or an electroplating process. The plating can as thin as 1 micron and as thick as 3  microns. It usually covers a durable metal like copper, zinc, etc. 

If your clover ring is gold plated, it will give you the feel of real gold both visually and physically. Although gold-plated rings are likely to tarnish after a while. This is because the coating will wear off eventually, especially if is worn daily. 

The good thing is that you can get back the luster from the gold coating by re-plating it. This should be done by a jewelry expert for a fee. 

  • Gold Filled: It is a little different from gold-plated rings in the sense that it involves the bonding of gold and the base metal. This process is done by exposing the ring to high pressure after a thick coating of gold has been applied to it. 

In the US, a piece of jewelry is considered gold-filled only if the gold makes up 5% or 1/20 of the metal's total weight. So, for a  gold-filled ring, you may find a hallmark with the inscription, 1/20. 

If you get your gold clover ring filled, it will not tarnish for a very long time. This is a result of the nature of the manufacturing process. The life expectancy of gold-filled jewelry is about 20-30  years. Although, in extremely rare cases, this ring will tarnish. 

  • Gold Vermeil: Again, this type is quite similar to gold-plated jewelry. The main distinguishing factor is that the base metal for gold vermeil is always silver.

The minimum thickness according to US regulations is 2.5  microns. So, it will resist tarnishing to an extent. It is the silver base metal that tarnishes when exposed and not the gold. 

  • Solid Gold: It may be called solid gold but it refers to the alloys of gold. These alloys are the most popular choices as they are durable and suitable for everyday wear. 

A variety of metals mixed with gold strengthens it and may change its natural tinge. Here are the most common ones 

o Rose Gold: This alloy is made by mixing copper with gold. The reddish color of copper gives rose gold its distinct pink color. 

The percentage of pure gold present determines the shade of pink, its value, and its durability. It is a stunning choice for gold clover rings. 

o Yellow Gold: Many people don’t want a diversion from gold’s natural color. If you are one of such people, you’re at  the place  

The main metals used for this alloy are copper and zinc. They usually make up a small percentage of the alloy. Yellow gold lives up to the classic and timeless image of gold in general. A great choice for gold clover rings. 

o White Gold: This alloy has a silvery appearance as opposed to gold's natural color. It is so because the metals that are mixed with gold are white metals such as palladium, zinc,  and nickel. 

The most common alloy of white gold has nickel as the main alloy metal. However, this metal causes allergic reactions in a lot of people. If you are allergic to nickel but you want white gold, you have two options. 

The first one is to get your gold alloyed with metals other than nickel. For instance, you can use palladium as it is a  white metal that is hypoallergenic. 

Alternatively, you can get the white gold alloy with nickel but coat it with a hypoallergenic metal. This metal belongs to the platinum family and is responsible for the white finish of white gold. It is called rhodium. 

White gold gives you a cool sensation and is a perfect choice for your gold clover rings. 

Measuring Gold Karat 

Karat signifies the amount of pure gold present in an alloy. Typically,  you can find gold with karatage as low as 9K and as high as 24K. The lower the karat the more durable the alloy will be. Similarly, the higher the karat the less durable and higher the value of the gold alloy. 

In the US, the lowest karat allowed to be sold is 10K. However, a few other locations across the world permit the sale of 9K gold. The karatage of gold is usually hallmarked in any piece of gold jewelry. You should also confirm the karatage of your clover rings before you purchase them. 

If your ring has no hallmark, you can test for the gold purity with gold testing kits. IdeaIIy, you should take your ring to be tested by a jewelry expert. But if you would rather do it yourself, follow this simple process.

  • Scratch your gold clover alloy ring in a place that is not easily seen. Make sure to press hard if there is a rhodium coating, so you can get to the gold alloy. 
  • The testing kit should have bottles of nitric acid labeled with a  certain karatage. Use this on your gold clover ring according to the kit's instructions. 
  • Observe how the gold reacts with the acid. Then refer to the color chart to determine the ring's gold karatage. 

Can I Put Gemstones On My Gold Clover Ring? 

What better way to make these rings even more gorgeous? Of course!  Put a diamond or a colored gemstone on it. This will give your rings remarkable brilliance and fire. This is especially true if you are considering gold clover rings for an engagement. Now, below is a list of  some gemstones that you can adorn your rings with: 

  • Diamonds 
  • Emeralds 
  • Sapphire 
  • Moissanite 
  • Cubic Zirconia 
  • Aquamarine 
  • Topaz 
  • Ruby 
  • Citrine 
  • Amethyst  
  • Garnet 

And much more. If you’re at a standstill on which gemstone to choose then you should feast your eyes on our collection at Goldia.

Knowing the gemstone you want is not all there is to the gemstone selection process. You will have to make sure they are high-quality. To do this you need to consider the 4C’s that govern diamonds as well other gemstones' quality. They are: 

  • Cut 
  • Color 
  • Clarity 
  • Carat weight 


This refers to the way a gemstone is cut and how well. The cut determines the level of brilliance and fire that a gemstone will emit. The more facets a gemstone has, the better the brilliance your gold clover rings will have. However, many poorly cur facets will result in a lifeless gemstone. 


The color of a gemstone will determine its value and beauty. Luckily,  there is a color scale for gemstones that range from D – Z. D is completely colorless and Z is quite colored. 


As with color, this factor has a scale that determines the clarity level.  Clarity refers to the visible blemishes and inclusions on a stone. The scale begins at included and ends at flawless. The best option would be to get a gemstone that appears eye-clean. No point going higher up the scale when SI is eye clean.

Carat Weight 

This refers to the net weight of a gemstone. A carat is about 0.2 grams or  200 milligrams. If your budget allows it, you can go for bigger carat gemstones. Just ensure that you pay adequate attention to the other C's. 

When Can I Get A Gold Clover Ring? 

This ring does not have any laws as to when it’s appropriate to get them.  You can get them whenever you want whether for yourself or someone else. They make quite the statement with their symbolism and gorgeous appearance. 

How To Care For Gold Clover Rings 

This is the last yet extremely important aspect of getting clover rings. If you want your rings to last long and remain visually stunning, you have to take care of them properly. 

Clean your ring regularly with mild soapy water and a soft brush. Make sure to pat dry the ring. Then store it separately from every other piece of jewelry, especially if has gemstones.  

Additionally, you should take the ring to a jewelry expert for proper inspection at least once a year. They will check for any loose settings,  and carry out resizing, re-plating, and things that you can’t do at home. 

Do this maintenance practices in the right manner at the right time and we assure you that your ring will last for the longest time possible.

We hope you agree with us now that gold clover rings are beyond stunning, the perfect ring for you or your special someone!

Gold Clover Rings

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