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Gold Clover Earrings 

It gets a bit boring when you have to wear the same rings every day. The same plain old metal rings that offer no excitement. Are you tired of it?  If you answer yes, then that’s probably why you’re reading this article right now. Or maybe the title sparked interest in you. 

Either way, you are at the right place. This article is going to teach you all there is to know about gold clover earrings and guide you on your purchase. Well, let’s get to it! 

What Are Gold Clover Earrings? 

Some earrings feature a clover symbol motif and are made from gold.  Clover is a plant that is popular for its compound leaves that have three or more leaflets. 

The clover symbol that you will commonly find on these earrings will feature four leaves. The symbol for St. Patrick’s day in Ireland is commonly confused to be a four-leaf clover. The symbol is a clover; however, it is a shamrock that has three leaves. So, don’t be surprised if you get weird looks for sporting four-leaf clover merchandise for the celebrations in Ireland! 

Symbolism Of Gold Clover Earrings 

Aside from these earrings being gorgeous, there is a lot of meaning packed into them. We’re going to look into the symbolism that the components of gold clover earrings have held over the years. 


The four-leaf clover represents luck. The Celtic priests called druids believed that shamrocks offered them protection and warned them of a  bad occurrence that was to come. By so doing, it allowed them to avoid them. They also used shamrocks as charms for protection in their traditions. 

Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize the holy trinity when he brought Christianity to Ireland – that is it represents the  Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. An alternate symbolism is that the leaves represent love, hope, and faith in shamrocks. The additional leaf in a four-leaf clover is believed to represent a charity or God's Grace. 

It was also believed that a four-leaf clover gave people the ability to see fairies. It is said that sorceresses gathered four-leaf clovers at night to use in their potions. 

At a certain point in time, young women that found a four-leaf clover would place it above their door. The first man that walked through the door was believed to be her future husband. Alternatively, women would put these clovers in their shoes and the first man they come across would be a namesake to their future husband. 

Another reason why your gold clover earrings will be attributed to luck is because of the rarity of the plant. It is believed that in every 10,000  clovers, the chance of finding a four-leaf clover is 1. Also, if a clover tree produces a four-leaf clover, it is likely to have more. So, you can get a dose of double luck when you find a four-leaf clover. 

Next, let’s talk about the symbolism attached to the metal part of these earrings. 


The nature of gold has tied it to many symbols over the years. The warm and lustrous appearance of the metal makes it a perfect emblem of 

grandeur. In addition to that, the monetary value of gold has it symbolizing riches and wealth. 

Different countries around the world have slightly different symbolism they attach to the metal and its color. Still, every of these symbolism revolves around luxury, divinity, and prosperity. 

Below are some of the symbolism attached to gold: 

  • Gold is considered to emit positivity because of its warm appearance. 
  • It is believed to be a sacred metal both in religious and magical contexts. 
  • The metal represents accomplishments. A good example is receiving a gold medal in the Olympics for first place. 

When you get gold clover earrings, you would be getting earrings that indicate luxury, prosperity and of course, luck! 

Building Gold Clover Earrings 

The first step to building your earrings is to choose the type of earrings.  The common earring styles that feature clovers are: 

  • Stud: These earrings appear to be floating when viewed from the front of the earlobe. The earring is held in place by a back. In this style, the front of the earring will feature a clover symbol. 
  • Hoop: This is one of the oldest earring styles. It usually features a  semi-circle or full circle but it may also take other shapes. The clover symbol will be placed along with the metal. It may feature more than one clover.
  • Drop: This earring drops below the earlobe. The clover symbol may be on the earlobe or below the earlobe in these earrings. It is all shades of gorgeousness. 

Choosing The Metal For Your Gold Clover Earrings 

The metal for your clover earrings is gold. However, there are many options when it comes to this precious metal. First, we'll talk about the common alloys that you can get your gold clover earrings in. They are: 

  • White Gold 
  • Yellow Gold 
  • Rose Gold 

White Gold 

This alloy rose to fame in the 1900s during the world wars. At the time,  platinum was the major silvery metal used in jewelry. Then the military saw good use of platinum and a ban was placed on the metal in the US.  Platinum was reserved only for military purposes. 

This left jewelers with a void to fill and they discovered white gold once more. We say once more because white gold was first discovered in the  1700s by two German alchemists. Though no attention was paid to it then. 

White gold is made by mixing gold with other white metals. These metals not only change the color of gold but they increase its strength.  The commonly used white metals are nickel, palladium, and zinc. 

Nickel causes allergic reactions among many people. This makes people turn away from white gold. However, the problem is easily solved by a  rhodium coating. Rhodium is a white metal that belongs to the platinum family and is hypoallergenic.

The rhodium coating is responsible for the white finish of white gold and will protect your skin from any allergens. The only thing is that this coating will eventually wear off. To prevent this, you have to take your white gold clover earrings for re-plating or dipping every 2-3 years. 

Yellow Gold 

Whenever you see the word “gold”, the color that comes to your mind is yellow. This is because gold's natural color is yellowish. Most people don’t want to give up this color because of the warm, classic, and timeless feel it gives. It is for this reason that the alloy, yellow gold,  exists. 

Yellow gold is alloyed with other metals in certain proportions that retain its natural color. The alloy is made durable and continues to look like pure gold. Some of such alloy metals are copper and zinc. 

This gold alloy can be as high as 22K and will be fairly durable. If you were to get clover earrings in 24K gold (100% pure gold) you will start to notice lots of scratches in a few days. Even though these are earrings,  you don’t want that. 

A higher karat will have a more distinct shade of yellow than a lower karat. However, lower karat gold is more durable and better suited for everyday wear. 

Rose Gold 

If you’re interested in antique and vintage jewelry then this gold alloy is for you. Not because it’s hundreds of years old but because the shade gives off a vintage sensation. Get your vintage jewelry in rose gold and you’ll be thanking us later.

Rose gold saw a surge in popularity when it was featured in the famous  Fabergé eggs. These eggs were made by a team of artists in Russia led by Peter Carl Fabergé. The alloy became so popular in Russia that rose  gold earned the name “Russian Gold.” 

Another time that saw this alloy thrive was during the world wars. Just like its counterpart, white gold, jewelers took particular interest in this pinkish alloy. 

This gold alloy is made with the mixing of gold with copper. The reddish color of this metal is what changes the natural color of gold to a  pinkish hue. The proportions of copper present in the alloy determine the shade of pink it will be. 

Regardless of the shade of rose gold, it exudes romance, making it the perfect alloy for your gold clover earrings if they are for your significant other. 

Now that you have chosen the gold alloy for your earrings, you have to carefully select the karatage that suits your taste and budget. 

How To Determine The Quality Of Your Gold 

Understanding the quality of the gold alloy is quite simple. In most cases, your jewelry will be hallmarked with its karatage. The karat of gold alloy is the amount or percentage of gold purity of the alloy. It is represented with a K or Kt. So, for easy interpretation of your hallmark refer to this list. 

  • 24K – 99.99% pure gold(some impurities may be present). 22K – 91.6% pure gold 
  • 18K – 75% pure gold 
  • 14K – 51.3% pure gold
  • 12K – 50% pure gold 
  • 10K – 41.6% pure gold 
  • 9K – 37.5% pure gold 

Speak to a jewelry expert on your budget and such so they can guide you in choosing the karatage that works for you. 

Can I Get Diamonds In My Gold Clover  Earrings? 

Diamonds make everything look better, and this goes for your gold clover earrings as well. You’ll have to get them in pavé or micropavé so that they fit perfectly in your earrings. 

Don’t worry, diamonds are not the only gemstones you can feature in your clover earrings. You can get any colored gemstone of your choice.  Contact our jewelry experts and we will gladly guide you through your selection. 

After you have chosen your gemstone, the next step is for you to decide on the shape it will take. Note that these shapes will barely be visible especially if they are paved in your earrings. They are: 

  • Round cut 
  • Baguette cut 
  • Princess cut 
  • Emerald cut 
  • Oval cut 
  • Pear or teardrop cut 
  • Marquise cut 
  • Radiant cut

Now, it’s time to determine the quality of your gemstones. To do this,  you have to consider the 4 C's. 

The 4 C's For Gemstones 

If you’re going to determine the quality of a particular gemstone then  you will have to consider: 

  • Clarity 
  • Cut 
  • Color 
  • Carat 


This is the level of visible inclusions and blemishes present on a  gemstone. Some gemstones occur naturally with inclusions and blemishes that can result during the manufacturing process. 

Gemstone cutters will typically work around these inclusions but there is only so much that they can do. So, a clarity scale was introduced it features “included” at the bottom and “flawless” at the top. 

When dealing with gold clover earrings, you can neglect this C and get away with it. Why? Because not many people will come so close to your ear that they can see the inclusions present in your gemstone. 


We just told you that you can overlook clarity, you should not do this with the cut. The level of sparkle that comes from your earring will determine how people view it. Whether as gorgeous or a fashion 

disaster. A good-cut gemstone's sparkle will also hide any visible inclusions. 

Simply put, if a gemstone is faceted properly it will exhibit remarkable brilliance. Cut refers to how well a gemstone is cut and the shape it is cut. Some gemstones are cut to maximize brilliance while some emphasize clarity. For your gold clover earrings, you would want the brilliant cuts e.g round cut. 

Make sure to ask for a GIA certification for cut before you make a  purchase. Gemstones marked “excellent” or “very good” are suitable for purchase. 


If you’re going to get a colorless gemstone, then you should refer to a  color scale that ranges from D – Z. Completely colorless is represented by D, and as you go down the scale the gemstone’s visible color becomes more distinct. On the other hand, colored gemstones will have their value increase as their color deepens.  


This is simply the unit weight of the gemstones. One carat is about 200  milligrams or 0.2 grams. When dealing with earrings, carat is usually represented as total carat weight (tcw). For example, a gold clover earring with 1 tcw diamond will have each earring feature a 0.5-carat diamond. 

Note that larger carats will feel heavier and pull on your earlobes. So if you have sensitive earlobes, we recommend you go for smaller carat gemstones.

Choosing The Back For Your Gold Clover Earrings 

This is the last step in building your earrings. They need backs that will hold them in place. Some common backs you can choose from are: 

  • Screw back 
  • Friction back 
  • Guardian back 
  • Push back 

When Should I Buy Gold Clover Earrings? 

With these earrings, there is no right time to get them for yourself or as a  gift. You can get them just to spice up your jewelry collection, or to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, or that you wish them luck.  Whatever the occasion may be gold clover earrings make a huge statement! 

How To Care For Gold Clover Earrings 

As with every article we write on jewelry, we are ending this one with maintenance tips. There’s no point getting these earrings if you’re going to neglect their care and let their beauty diminish. You have to keep them looking as stunning as when you first got them. To do this, you have to practice a simple cleaning process and proper storage. Do this: 

  • Get a clean bowl, fill it with water add a few drops of mild detergent or dish soap. 
  • Soak your earrings in it for a few minutes. 
  • Use a soft bristle brush such as a toothbrush to scrub the ring.  Make sure to get rid of any visible dirt!
  • Rinse the clover earrings under running water once clean. Close the sinkhole while you do this or you’ll have an earring or two down the drain. 
  • Pat dry your earrings with a soft fiber-free cloth. 

The storage process for clover earrings is just as simple. Store them in a  fabric-lined jewelry box that is divided into compartments.  Alternatively, you can wrap them in a soft cloth before placing them in a drawer. 

Gold clover earrings are a great choice for special occasions or everyday wear. Now that you know all about them, why not check out our collection?

Gold Clover Earrings

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