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Champagne Diamond Wedding Band 

A lot goes into the preparations for a wedding. From decorations,  location to cake, and many more. One vital aspect of the planning is selecting a wedding band. You may be wondering what difference there is between a wedding ring and a wedding band. None, both terms are used interchangeably. It’s just a matter of individual preference. 

When it comes to picking a wedding band there are several options.  From metals to possible gemstones, there’s more than enough room to personalize your ring. One that we highly recommend here at Goldia is the champagne diamond wedding band.  

Before we go deep into the explanation of these elegant rings, there is a  need for some background knowledge on what they center on. 

What Is A Wedding Band? 

Simply put, a wedding band is a piece of jewelry, a ring, that a couple of exchanges on their wedding day. The practice of exchanging rings dates far back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians exchanged strings of rope as a symbol of their eternal love during wedding festivals. 

Wedding bands have been in existence for many centuries. Hence, the traditional attachments to this symbol of love. 

Traditional Wedding Bands 

If you’re talking about traditional wedding bands, then you’re talking about plain matching rings. Traditionally, a wedding band will feature 

little to no designs. It is a band of jewelry made from metals such as gold, silver, etc.  

It serves the purpose of indicating marriage. In fact, in ancient Rome,  rings were worn by women to signify ownership. That is, to show they were their husband's property. This belief has long been abandoned alongside the breaking off of most traditional relations to wedding bands. 

Today, you can find wedding bands in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. The shanks can be split or even braided. As you must have deduced from the topic, the gorgeous ring we would be talking about is the champagne diamond wedding band. 

What Is A Champagne Diamond Wedding Band? 

This is a wedding ring that has its main attraction being champagne diamonds. These diamonds can be used to pave the shank of the wedding band completely, engraved into half of the wedding band, drilled into the ring's shank, and much more. The name already gives this ring a specific look; still, diverse embellishments can result in variants of the elegant ring. 

We have all heard about white(colorless) diamonds but champagne diamonds

What Are Champagne Diamonds? 

A champagne diamond is characterized by a primary brown hue with specks or a secondary hue of pink or yellow. The appearance of the diamond is due to distortions in the crystal structure resulting in a brown 

tinge. Diamonds are formed in the earth under high temperature and pressure for billions of years. The formation usually involves some trace elements that result in fancy diamonds. In this case, nitrogen is the element that gives the diamond its secondary hue. 

Origin Of Champagne Diamonds 

Let’s face it, brown and yellow fancy diamonds are less in demand than other fancy colors. This used to be the same for the champagne variant of diamonds. Not until its biggest mine, the Argyle mines in western  Australia gave it its now common name. The name stirred up curiosity and interest in people significantly increasing the demand for champagne diamonds. 

These diamonds are mined in locations all over the world but are more commonly found in Australia, Siberia, and Africa.  

The birth of champagne diamond wedding bands followed the rise in demand for champagne diamonds. One glance at these diamonds and you’ll wonder how they never got attention. 

We’ll give a proper guide on how to select your wedding band soon.  First, we’d like to introduce you to the symbolism attached to champagne diamond wedding bands. 

Symbolism Of A Champagne Diamond Wedding Band 

Wedding bands are circular because they are meant to go around your finger. Interestingly, it goes a little deeper than that; the circle signifies the eternal love of a couple, and it has no end or beginning.

Diamonds are becoming more and more popular in wedding bands. This is because they add that extra touch of elegance, not to mention they pair well with the bride's engagement ring.  

Additionally, since diamonds score a 10 on Moh's hardness scale they are the most durable gemstones on earth. This durability symbolizes the couple's ability to withstand difficulty together. It’s meant to signify that they remain strong and in love throughout their days together. 

Honestly, this symbolism is enough reason to get yourself this wedding band. This plus their stunning visual appearance? It’s an absolute yes for us. 

Now, deciding to get yourself this wedding band is not enough. Some factors will guide your journey to the perfect wedding band. 

Building Your Champagne Diamond Wedding Band 

As soon as you’re able to decide on getting these rings, you should ascertain the quality of your diamond and metal. Gemological certificates that indicate their quality are available. Though, it’s best to understand the factors that determine your wedding band's quality.  Knowing this will give you a sense of relaxation. 

Evaluating The Quality Of Your Champagne Diamond 

As with white diamonds, the quality of your champagne diamond is  largely dependent on these 4 C's: 

  • Color 
  • Cut 
  • Clarity 
  • Carat weight 

An additional factor is a shape the diamond is facetted into. The above  C's are arranged in order of relevance when selecting your champagne diamond wedding band. Let’s look a little deeper into these determining factors. 


With fancy colored diamonds, this is the most important C to consider.  The color of the champagne diamond will determine its value. Typically,  diamonds follow a color grade scale ranging from D–Z. Champagne diamonds follow three scales: one from the Gemological Institute of  America (GIA), one from the American Hem Society (AGS), and one from the mine that produced a majority of this diamond, the Argyle mines. 

The GIA grading follows the common letter scale but ranges between N  and Z. The AGS has their color grade ranging from 0–10, 0 being colorless and 10 colored. Finally, the Argyle mine scale goes like this:  C1–C2(light brown or yellow), C3–C4(medium brown or yellow), C5– C6(dark brown or yellow), and C7 (cognac). 

The three main aspects of the champagne diamond's color are: 

  • Hue: This refers to the actual visible color of the diamond.
  • Saturation: This refers to the intensity of the champagne diamond’s color. 
  • Tone: This refers to the lightness or darkness of the champagne diamond’s hue.


White diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance, fire, and scintillation.  This is the direct opposite of the reason fancy diamonds are cut the way they are. The attention-grabbing factor of a champagne diamond is the color, so typically, your champagne diamond wedding band will have the diamond cut to intensify the color. 


This is the measure of inclusions that are present in a champagne diamond. Clarity also has a grading scale that it follows, it's represented  by: 

  • Flawless (F) 
  • Internally flawless (IF) 
  • Very very small inclusions (VVS1 & VVS2) 
  • Very small inclusions (VS1 & VS2) 
  • Small inclusions (SI1 & 2) 
  • Inclusions (I1 – I3) 

You will mostly find champagne diamonds ranging from SI1–I2. As a  result of the color, these diamonds will appear eye clean even when found at the bottom of the clarity scale. That’s what you should be going for with your champagne diamond wedding band, an eye-clean diamond. 


This is the factor that is a measure of the diamond’s weight. It is roughly the same as a quarter of a raisin but more accurately 0.2 grams. The 

carat weight should not be a major factor when choosing your diamonds.  The reason is simple, if you invest more in carat and neglect the other C's, you’d be left with a lifeless and dull champagne diamond. You can’t possibly want that. 

We’re not saying you shouldn’t go big with carat though. If you want larger carats, you should do so but also focus equally (preferably more)  on color and cut. 


There are numerous shapes to choose from when it comes to champagne diamonds. The common shape which is round may not be the best for these diamonds as a round cut maximizes brilliance. You could go for other shapes; some of which focus on color intensity. Some of these  diamond shapes are: 

  • Emerald  
  • Asscher 
  • Princess 
  • Oval 
  • Pear 
  • Baguette 
  • Marquise 
  • Radiant etc. 

Once you’re able to choose your diamond, the next thing is the wedding band metal.

What Metal Should I get My Champagne Diamond  Wedding Band In? 

When it comes to champagne diamond wedding bands, the most  common choice is precious metals such as: 

  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Platinum 
  • Palladium 

Your choice is highly dependent on your style, metal allergies, and desired color. Some men also have their wedding bands made from tungsten; it is a gorgeous metal that is worth taking a look at as well. 

Champagne Diamond Rarity And Pricing 

These diamonds are more common than completely colorless and other fancy diamonds. So, they will cost less than colorless or fancy diamonds of the same size, shape, and clarity. This makes it a great choice for wedding bands as it gives you unique beauty at an affordable rate. 

The brown-tinged champagne diamonds that are free of secondary hues are rarer than their variant. So, their value increases significantly due to their rarity. 

Let’s move on to some common name that also represents a champagne diamond. 

Champagne Diamond Vs. Chocolate Diamond®

It’s the same thing. That’s right, a chocolate diamond is not different from a champagne diamond. It is simply a champagne diamond with branding. 

The Le Vian jewelry company holds a trademark for the name  “chocolate diamond” and claims that they are more unique and such.  However, it is simply a well-polished brand name that adds additional cost to the champagne diamond. 

If you’re a fan of brand names and have some budget to spare then you can go for chocolate diamonds. Otherwise, you should just stick to the classic diamond wedding band with no branding. 

Should We Get Matching Champagne Diamond  Wedding Bands? 

This decision is completely up to you and your significant other.  Traditionally, you are required to get matching rings. Champagne diamond wedding bands are already a break from tradition so why not break it further? 

You can get complimentary wedding bands. Let’s say different designs but the same metal, or different metals but the same design. This way you get to follow the tradition but with a unique twist! 

If your choices are contradictory, it’s fine as well. This is the 21st century, if you want different wedding bands, get different wedding bands. It doesn’t in any way change the rings' symbolism or purpose. It’s no point getting a ring that you don't see yourself wearing in the next couple of years.

Tailor that champagne diamond wedding band perfectly to your fashion sense, skin tone, and personality. Make it a ring that you would be happy to put on in the next few years! 

Now that you're well versed in these wedding bands, the next thing that should be going on in your head is how soon you should get them. 

When Should I Get My Champagne Diamond Wedding Band? 

Most people treat their wedding bands as an afterthought. They only begin the process of selecting one as late as a month or less before the wedding day. This is the reason why rings don’t get delivered on time,  don’t fit the couple's fingers, have wrong inscriptions for custom rings, and things like that. 

Wedding bands are an integral part of the wedding and should be treated as such. You can start your search for your wedding bands immediately after you’ve picked a wedding date. 

Anyhow it goes, you should begin the search at least 3 – 4 months before the wedding. This provides adequate time to resize, add additional designs and customize the bands. If you pick a ring early enough, you can have it on standby at least a month before the wedding day. 

Who Should Buy The Wedding Bands? 

This doesn’t seem like something that’s worth worrying about but it does bother some couples. It doesn’t matter who buys the rings, it’s the thought behind it that matters. You can both buy rings for your 

significant other, buy your individual rings or get one person to buy both rings. 

As a couple, you should discuss the option that works best for you.  Remember that some situations call for compromise, especially in the language of love. 

How To Wear Your Champagne Diamond Wedding Band 

As with the wedding band selection, it depends on your style and preference. 

You can stack your champagne diamond wedding band and engagement ring on one finger. Perhaps, on your left ring finger. Ever wonder why wedding rings are worn on this finger? It’s because in ancient times it was believed that the vein in that finger led directly to the heart. This has long been proven wrong but a lot of people still hold on to the romantic connotation attached to it. 

That said, you can even wear these rings on your right ring finger.  Wherever works for you is the best way to style that ring! 

How To Care For Your Champagne Diamond  Wedding Band 

You’ve exchanged your vows and rings, now you’re married. There’s only one thing left to do and it’s for you to properly maintain your special ring.

Luckily, all you have to do is follow a simple process and your ring will remain gorgeous for much longer than you would imagine. Simply: 

  • Take a bowl, fill it with water, and add a few drops of mild dish soap. 
  • Using this soapy mixture, brush your rings with a toothbrush carefully. 
  • Rinse your wedding band under running water. Be sure to close the sink while you do so. 
  • Pat dry your wedding band with a soft fiber-free cloth. 

In addition to this, you should store your wedding bands separately from other jewelry. We know you must be wondering “But I never take my ring off”. Well, if you want your ring to keep its gorgeous appearance for the longest time possible you’re going to have to take it off. Especially when you’re doing work with your hands like cleaning,  cooking, etc. 

Caring for your champagne diamond wedding band at home is simple but you need to take it for proper infection at least once a year. The jewelry expert will carry out any resizing, replating, fitting loose diamonds, etc. 

In conclusion, if you have your big day coming up and you’d like to take a slight turn from the traditional plain wedding bands then you’ve found your ring. This gorgeous champagne diamond wedding band is sure to have sparks flying once your partner slides it into your finger. Want to get yourself one of these beauties? Head on over to Goldia, we have a  collection of these wedding bands that will blow your mind.

Champagne Diamond Wedding Band

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