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What are Black Diamonds and How did Black Diamond Engagement Rings become so popular?

The answer to this question is hidden within what kind of paradox is the Black Diamond from where it came from or how it is created. Scientists have found the answer for us. Black diamonds are natural and valuable for real diamonds. They have a different crystal structure than known diamonds and pure black beans. The crystal structures of white diamonds break down the light into rainbow colors and reflect them. Black diamonds have a kind of crystal structure called Polycrystalline. Polycrystalline structures are the formation of multiple microcrystalline crystals adhering to each other at different angles. Light entering from black diamonds strikes microcrystals that stand at irregular angles and is absorbed by microcrystals, the light trapped inside gives the microcrystals a unique shine and creates one of nature's most noble colors, the black color. Black diamonds are real diamonds, made of carbon crystals, hundred percent natural and valuable.

Where did they come from?

Here's a very easy answer, but it's a question that is so thought-provoking. Our planet is found only in alluvial deposits in Central Africa and Brazil. This strange situation has caused the people of science to start researching and researching related subjects.

Black Diamonds are formed in a lesser amount than the known Diamonds, in a different region from them, in a different crystal structure and in a different process.


American geologist scientists gave answers to these questions using the technologies of the century. The results were so much more amazing. In the crystal structure of black diamonds, Nitrogen and Hydrogen elements of extraterrestrial origin were found. Stephen Haggerty of the University of Florida, USA, in an academic study published by Jozsef Grai in 2006, this study was conducted using Brookhaven National Laboratory infrared detection devices. Hydrogen analyzes of black diamonds have shown that they have found cosmic dusts formed during a supernova explosion in the process of formation of our solar system, proving that these cosmic dusts drop black diamonds from a distance into the Earth with a meteor.

Black diamonds, which are fashionable nowadays and attracted considerable attention with their charm and elegance.

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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