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Grossular Garnet

Grossular Garnet

Grossular Garnet - a mineral with an extensive color, which is a calcium variety of pomegranate. Its colors vary in olive, green, yellow-brown, orange and pink-red shades. Stones with a pronounced gloss of glass are transparent, slightly translucent or opaque, in some cases they have a fluorescence effect with a yellow-brown glow. Calcium oxide, as well as aluminum and silicon dioxide predominate in the composition of the grossular. Concomitant chemical components in small fractions are iron, chromium, titanium and manganese. The size of crystals rarely exceeds 3-4 cm. Despite its hardness, the grossular brittle stone is susceptible to the effects of hydrochloric and sodium acid. Impurities of chemical components cause the coloring of grossular and its main varieties: leucogranate - transparent crystals, resembling a drop of water, or opaque stones, painted white; hydrogresular - a mineral with the presence in the composition of up to 5% water; tsavorit is a light green variety of grossular, gleaming in yellow; Rosolite is a rich pink mineral mined in Mexican deposits; Succinite - amber-colored grossular; Pakistani emerald - jewelry crystals of pale green hues with a pronounced brilliance; Rumyantsevit - a type of ornamental stone of pink-orange flowers; Hessonite is an affordable and original variety of grossular, which has the property to change the yellow-red tint depending on the viewing angle and distance. Grossular was first discovered in 1790 by the scientist E. Laxman on the coast of the Vilyui River, flowing in Sakha-Yakutia. The crystals found visually resembled gooseberries, so in 1808 A. Werner assigned the mineral the official name, which in Latin describes a green berry. 


Grossula Mineral Deposits:

Grossular occurs when high-temperature interaction of alkaline magmas with dolomite and limestone rocks, occurs in calcareous skarns, less often in basalts of metamorphic origin. Grosslyar deposits spread throughout the world. In Russia, decent samples of yellow-orange color are found in the territories of the Southern and Central Urals, green crystals in the basins of the Primorsky and Krasnoyarsk Territories. The deposits of the mineral are also famous for the Murmansk region, Karelia, Sakha-Yakutia, the North Caucasus and the middle belt of Siberia. Among foreign countries, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Finland and Canada are famous for their high-quality global deposits. 


The Magical Properties of Grossular:

With its energy, the grossular brings peace and quiet to its surroundings. Dark magicians cannot use his properties to cause evil to a person, so in practice they do not turn to his power. A simple man will give a contradictory feeling to the stone: peace and good spirits, calm and desire for new discoveries. It helps to clear the mind and to understand its purpose, the stone in the amulet will protect from damage, slander and the evil eye. Grossular brings harmony and mutual respect to family life, especially if both spouses have the crystal. The positive energy of the mineral extends to loved ones, but the rest of the environment, it will not allow to use the spiritual comfort of its owner. The talisman with grosslyar provides him with good luck, causes sympathy among the right people, helps to build connections. In professional activities, the mineral is useful for intellectual workers — researchers and researchers. Grossulyar promotes the development of new teachings and sciences, develops intuition and logical thinking. 


Medicinal properties of Grossular:

One of the healing properties of the grossular, like a stone of green shades, is aimed at restoring the mental and emotional state against the background of nervous turmoil and moral exhaustion. In conjunction with silver, it has a soothing effect, relieves irritation and the sudden manifestation of rage, normalizes sleep. The influence of grossular on the vital system occurs through the decoration. For example, a pendant, pendant or necklace with green stones should be worn by people who have a tendency to heart disease. Earrings with crystals of yellow or brown shades help to cure skin diseases. Grossular or decoration with it should be carried by persons who are prone to migraine attacks due to changes in weather conditions. Stone also helps in the treatment of ophthalmologic diseases, is effectively used to restore the immune system and normalize metabolism. The crystal in contact with the palm of the hand eliminates toothache. 


Zodiac Signs of Grossular:

The stone grossular is rightly considered an astrological talisman of universal action, since in every sign of the zodiac it develops good qualities and minimizes imperfections. The January Capricorns and Aquarius will gain luck with it, Scorpios will get rid of loneliness, Cancers and Libra will forget about melancholy and longing if they prefer crystals painted in warm colors. Taurus and Lion will also feel the beneficial effects of the mineral, become softer, learn to compromise and prudence.


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