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Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Classic White Gold Four-Prong Bracelets

Our classic 14k white gold four-prong options  are manufactured with I/J color, SI2/I1 clarity stones.

Priced in 14k Yellow Gold; Also Available in Platinum as special request

Classic Yellow Gold Four-Prong Bracelets

Timeless yet contemporary, our classic 14k yellow gold four-prong tennis bracelets are manufactured with I/J color, SI2/I1 clarity stones.

Priced in 14k Yellow Gold; Also Available in Platinum as special request

White Gold Princess-Cut Bracelets

Sparkling princess cut stone are channel set in 14K white gold in this classic straight-line bracelet. The diamonds have a color grade of H and clairty of SI1/SI2.

Priced in 14k White gold

White Gold Bezel-Set Bracelets

Our classic four-pronge tennis bracelets are manufactured with H color, SI1/SI2 clarity stones and are available in 14k yellow or white gold.

Priced in 14k,18K Yellow & White Gold;

Yellow Gold S-Link Bracelets

Our yellow gold S-Link tennis bracelets are manufactured with H color, SI1/SI2 clarity stones.

Priced in yellow Gold

White Gold S-Link Bracelets

Our white gold S-Link tennis bracelets are manufactured with H color, SI1/SI2 clarity stones.

Priced in white Gold

Diamond & Gemstone Tennis Bracelets

Our classic four-pronge tennis bracelets are manufactured with H color, SI1/SI2 clarity stones and are available in 14k yellow or white gold.

Priced in 14K Yellow & White Gold;


Which Style of Tennis Bracelets to Choose and Why?

There are mainly three different types of diamond tennis bracelets:


Prong Set Diamond Tennis bracelets are the most popular option among these three available styles in the market.
These are very favorable due to prongs adding more classy look and a gentle sparkle to the diamonds.
The prong style option is also a better setting that makes any setters job easier to mount the stones in the mounting.
This style is the first widely worn option too when it was marked first at a tennis match and the player had dropped this bracelet on the field.
Since then this style of bracelet was named "Tennis Bracelet". This style is very popular in continental United States and Canada jewelry stores.

Another popular style is S links, these are also widely available and highly sought after styles of tennis bracelets.
This style requires less stones and they styll look brilliant and shiny. By using lesser diamonds, S link bracelets are relatively cheaper than the other options.
Most S style bracelets have only two prongs which is very easy to set the diamonds on. However, using only two prongs also have its drawbacks. If one prong is loose or broken
the stone may fall easily. For that reason S-link bracelets are preferred as a second option when security of the gems (especially if they are larger diamonds) are
more important.

Another popular tennis bracelet style is bezel set. This style is popular for larger diamonds as the bezel set is one of the most secure type
of setting in where the stone is under pressure from two opposing sides (top-bottom). Altohugh bezel mountings are the safest one for holding the stones,
by covering almost half of the table, it stops lights to enter into the stone , therefore bezel-set bracelets shine less than the other two options here.

Clasp Types for Tennis Bracelets:

Yes, your new gift is expensive. The lowest priced ones start from $600 and it can go up to over 10k depending on the diamond sizes and quality used.
You are spending a lot of savings and you need to make sure the connections connect securily without disturbing your loved ones hands.

There are typically two options for closing the two endcaps of these bracelets. The most common one is hidden clasp with two figure eight safety catch, and the second one
is hidden box clasp types.

The hidden clasp has two or three stations with a hidden hitch below. There are also one or two figure eight safety catches with this clasp type that makes it even more safer
in case the box opens accidentally.

The hidden box alone clasp types are used for lighter weight diamond tennis bracelets and they are not really recommended by many jewelers unless requested specifically by customers.
Sometimes figure eight catches the shirts etc that is why customers are not always keen on having saffety clasps of figure eights always.

Metal Type Options;

80% of the diamond tennis bracelet sold are manufactured from 14k white gold, 10% are 14k yellow gold and remaining are 10k or platinum options.
14k white gold is sturdy and also it is not as expensive as platinum. ALthough 10k gold options are also becoming more popular, customers are
preferring to have 14k white gold options always.


Diamond Tennis Bracelets are a great option if your loved ones have too many diamond rings or earrings. Bracelets are ladies best friends.
It can be worn on a formal dinner or at casual meeting too.

10 Occasions To Buy Diamond Tennis Bracelets For Your Loved ones

Recollect on the last time you gave your sweetheart a wonderful bit of gems. Is it accurate to say that it was an engagement or wedding band numerous years prior? Envision the astonishment and joy on your sweetheart's face when you astound her with a one of a kind bit of adornments on another event.

Not certain when to get her that shining precious stone arm jewelery or that glimmering opal accessory? Consider these events.

10 Occasions To Buy Jewelry For Your loved ones:

New Year's Eve

What better image of a fresh start than an important neckband, ring, or hairpiece? Giving your sweetheart gems for the New Year demonstrates your recharged sense of duty regarding her, this year and for every one of the years to come. It's additionally an awesome blessing to present as you're getting a charge out of a sentimental night together ringing in the New Year.


Your sweetheart's birthday gives you the ideal chance to shock her with her birthstone. She'll thoroughly enjoy such a customized blessing.


Christians trust that offering endowments to others is an indication of the astute men who offered blessings to the child Jesus. Be that as it may, individuals of all religions appreciate the blessing giving convention, utilizing it as an opportunity to demonstrate love for relatives and companions.

You can indicate love to your sweetheart by getting her a delightful combine of Christmas studs. She'll consider you each time she wears them.


On the off chance that you observe Hanukkah, you may realize that giving blessings wasn't initially part of the occasion. As a result of the impact of Christmas, numerous Jewish families now give presents amid the eight days of Hanukkah. In the event that giving endowments is a piece of your family convention, consider giving your sweetheart a sparkling arm ornament or anklet.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day developed from Lupercalia, a Roman fruitfulness celebration on February 15. It was later changed to a Christian devour day on February 14 and named St. Valentine's Day. It's vague who St. Valentine was. One legend says that he performed mystery wedding functions for troopers. Another says that he composed the principal adore letter marked "from your Valentine." For any situation, today, Valentine's Day is an occasion assigned to commend love.

It is a magnificent time to remind your sweetheart the amount you cherish her. Get her a lovely neckband that she can destroy for a night with you.

National Jewel Day (March 13)

You presumably haven't known about this occasion, a day assigned to give and get gems. It gives you an incredible motivation to astound your sweetheart with an astonishing new jewel ring or pendant. Since it's not too known as Valentine's Day or Christmas, you may stay away from swelled adornments costs or sold-out things.


At Easter, we celebrate fresh starts. Numerous families shroud wicker container of confections and toys for their youngsters. For what reason not astound your better half with an Easter blessing too? Welcome in spring by shocking your sweetheart with a beautiful accessory or hoops.

Mother's Day

In the event that you have youngsters, Mother's Day is a decent chance to respect your sweetheart's part as the mother of your kids. You could praise her devotion and relinquish by giving her a bit of gems engraved with the names of your kids.


Select a shocking bit of gems to recognize your big day. Give careful consideration to specific commemorations:

25 years = Silver Anniversary

50 years = Golden Anniversary

60 years = Diamond Anniversary

These commemoration assignments are a long-standing convention. In the Holy Roman Empire, spouses gave wives a silver wreath for their 25th commemoration and a gold wreath for their 50th. Choosing gems in view of the specific commemoration makes the day all the more paramount. You could buy a silver arm jewelery for your silver commemoration, a gold look for your brilliant commemoration, or a precious stone ring for your jewel commemoration.

Remember about these commemorations too:

The commemoration of your first date

The commemoration of your first kiss

The commemoration of getting to be noticeably locked in

Recalling that one of these different commemorations will demonstrate your sweetheart the amount you think about her.


You don't really require motivation to amaze your sweetheart with a flawless bit of gems. Demonstrate her how uncommon she genuinely is by picking a one of a kind bit of adornments whenever of the year.

The best place to get customized adornments is at a pawn shop. There, you'll find uncommon fortunes that are really one of a kind from anything you'll discover at a gems store. Each bit of gems is a significant antique with numerous times of history behind it. A pawnbroker has the experience to know precisely what the thing is worth. He or she can enable you to choose the correct bit of adornments for your sweetheart's style and taste.

 Every stone is very, very old. Even prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs were formed before the time of existence. The youngest diamond is 900 million years old and the oldest is 3.2 billion years old.
Stone is the toughest natural material known to mankind. It's 58 times harder than the toughest metal in the world. An apple can only cut another one.
During cutting and polishing, each stone on average loses more than half of its original weight. Less than 5% of the stones that are made into jewelry are 1 carat and larger.
If all the stones that had been cut since the beginning of time had been gathered, only one double-decker bus could be filled.
Cullinan, the world's greatest jewel-like diamond, was found in South Africa in 1905. It was 3106 carats before cutting (about the size of an ostrich egg).
The highest price per carat in diamond auctions; it is a purplish red and $ 1 million for a of 0.95 carat weight.
The tradition of giving a gemstone ring; In the 15th century, the Austrian Archduke Maximillian began to give a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy's Duet during engagement.
The tradition of wearing rings on the fourth finger of the left hand comes from the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians that the "vena-amoris" (heart of love) reaches directly from this finger to the heart.

What is the Difference Between Diamond and Cut Diamond?
Diamonds are processed in a specific form of the diamond mine. In other words, diamond is the raw material of stone as it is from the nature. The diamond is the oldest of the precious stones. Many people in our country think that diamonds and cut stones are two different stones, whereas they are the same stone, only the shapes of the cuts are different. Contrary to the known stone and which have the same quality standards; stone are more valuable and expensive than.
Pırlanta is the name given to the cut created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. In this section, the light is broken in the stone and reflected back giving an extraordinary fire and brilliance. In this brilliant section, it is possible to obtain many different forms. However, the 57-sided round cut is the most commonly used cut. Other segments, called fancy cuts; oval, drop, princess, marquise, octagon, heart and baguette.
Cutting known as diamond cutting in our country is known as rose cutting in the world. This segment has been extensively used in Turkey and has been passed down from generation to generation. The rose cut seen in antique jewelery is six flat. This section has a polished surface (facet) ranging from 12 to 37. Since the light hitting the hand is reflected only from the surface, the fire and brilliance gleaming from the diamond is not found in the rose.


Many think that cut stones and rough stones are different stones. In fact, they are essentially the same stone. The most important difference between diamonds and diamonds is cut shapes. Before the diamond is processed, raw diamond is called diamond. Among the precious stones is the oldest one. In addition, unlike widespread kana, diamonds and have about the same quality standards; The diamond is more valuable and expensive.

Diamond is the name of a segment. It was designed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919 and has been in use since that time. In brilliant cut, the light is broken in the stone and reflected back after giving an extraordinary fire and brilliance. In this brilliant section, it is possible to obtain many different shapes. The most commonly used and preferred 57 facet is a round stone. Other cuts, often used in colored stones, are called fancy cuts; heart, oval, drop, marquise, princess, octagon and baguette.

Besides all these, there is a different section. Known as stone cutting in our country, this cut is known as rose cut in the world. The diamond cut, which has been widely used, has been passed down from generation to generation. Jewelry with antique design is mostly used with diamond cuts. In this section, the stone is flat and the stones have facets ranging from 12 to 37. Since the blinding light is reflected only from the surface, there is no fire or brilliance in the diamond. Stones are usually processed into "8 carat gold" and turned into fine jewelry. 

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