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Pink Spinel Stones

The actual mining of pink spinel stones began in Afghanistan between 750 and 950 A D., documented by Marco Polo. Pink Spinel is a magnesium aluminum oxide. It is very rare so it is not used in mass production of iewelry but more for custom jewelry pieces.

It is said that Pink Spinel is quite good for coupies in relationships as it fosters have It possesses the energy of beauty and is used to enhance the positive aspects of one‘s personality. Spinel has been referred to as "the stone of immortality“ encouraging rejuvenation and bringing freshness to all endeavors.

Pink Spinel is often found in Myanmar, Vietnam, Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

Pink Spinel's Properties:

Pink Spinel's Refractive Index: 1.71-1.784
Pink Spinel's Optic Character: SR
Pink Spinel's Hardness: 8
Pink Spinel's Toughness: Good
Pink Spinel's  Specific Gravity: 3.6
Species: Spinel
Phenomena: Asterism, Color change
Enhancement: N

Pink Spinel's Reactions: 

Ultrasonic: Usually Safe
Steamer: Usually Safe
Heat: Fair to poor, high heat may cause color to fade
Chemicals: None

Pink Spinel's & Handling:

Pink Spinel may be cleaned with commercially available jewelry cleaners or warm soap and water, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft clean cloth. Avoid situations involve sharp harsh blows to the jewelry that may fracture or chip the stone or contact with rough surfaces or abrasive materials that may scratch the stone.



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Pink Spinel Stones

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