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White Gold Hoop Earrings-14k Gold Hoop Earrings-Silver Hoop Earrings

For ladies, who like to dress smartly, fine jewelry especially 14k gold hoop earrings are very important category. With the shopping season approaching, jewelry stores and retail outlets products offer the best opportunities for ladies. With stylish designs, you will have a better chance of getting more ambitious in the summer season and you will come to feel even more in your surroundings.

There are plenty of details about ladies' wear and the details are very satisfying for the ladies who are high quality. At the same time, proper payment conditions are among the conditions that increase the quality of the fine jewelry purchase. Offering free shipping opportunities on special occasions and being able to shop without difficulty of the ladies is one of the situations that ends the store cycle.

Quality Women's Fine and Fashion Earrings;

The most mobility and change in the jewelry sector is experienced in the field of women's hoop earrings. In addition to interesting designs in women's wear products, classical designs are also emphasized. The models offered by integrating the models in the style that can be used in every age with the colors are both stylish and natural. It is one of the rare jewelry stores where ladies who care about quality can find suitable designs for them.

hoop earrings

One of the aspects of wearing hoops earrings is that different diameter options appeal to different tastes among female customers.

Smaller hoops are popular among active life style wearers such as bankers, ladies in health industry, sports women etc.

While medium hoops are usually worn on casual dinners, bars and social gatherings.

Large and extra large hoops are very popular in Latino culture in USA. Most of the hip hop stars display dancer with larger hoops to reflect this unbeateble fashion.

Large hoops are also very popular in Dominican Republic.,, Amazon webstore and many other websites have large collections of hoops.

They come in wide range of metal types, finish and diameter options. During 2010's textured and tri-color gold hoops have been very popular.

Before 2010's plain hoops in white gold or yellow gold were very trendy object of fine jewelry. During 90's smaller single hoops were common among pop and rock culture in USA
that trend spread to all world in less than a year and still continuing.

The making of Hoop Earrings:

Hoops were solid in the past. They were heavy, expensive and not easy to carry on for ladies with smaller lube sizes.

The technological improvements led to a large scale and easier manufacturing styles. Such as hollow tubes, a special jewelry manufacturing technique that is
started in Vicenza, Italy. The gold bars are melted and hammered in layers of long sticks and then pressed/molded to have a tube shape. These tubes are then formed in to
hoop shape and welded with clasps. Depending on the thickness of the gold layers used, the weight may vary. Thicker layer hoops are heavier but they are also sturdier.
The hollow hoops made from lighter layers are called ultra-light hoops earrings, which are not too expensive however can be bent easily even with a minor hit.

Design, Doing what you want to bring to the market
before we bring it to the patriarch
It is a method of problem solving oriented for some purpose.
creative process to create a product that meets personal wishes to glorify
is the intellectual and material work process that is happening. It follows the realization of product.
successful jewelry design to meet the versatile user requests, the user's jewelry
integration and the search for personal requests in that order, so that the new product can be
It is important.
Mankind has not been satisfied with what nature has given since the day it was there,
to make the life easier and more beautiful by transforming the forms that it designs into objects
He worked. Design is a feature and result.
Today, continuous improvement in the areas of communication and technology,
They also brought changes in need. People's pleasures, lifestyles,
requirements and locations have led to different needs.
As in all areas of design is the most basic elements in the jewelry industry
It is one. While precious metals and stones like gold and silver are shaped,
who belongs to different religions and racial groups and who lives in different countries
make; to reach the masses with unique jewelry designs, to create custom jewelry for each person
fully self-developed technology, and able to follow world trends.
is a product of high quality, contemporary thinking designer. Mechanization in the jewelry sector
the progress of the technology, the human factor on the basis of progress, the trained staff is very important.
No matter how valuable the metal is, the more valuable the stone is, the better
If the design and design do not have the appropriate technical specifications applied, then the jewelry will be free of any aesthetic,
and does not have the feature. There is a sense of design for the user.
easy to use and personal choice to the user
The jewelry that is produced in the nature of the delivery is not disrupted for a certain period of time
It must be able to be used. Until then, in order to uncover a conscious solution in design
We call the invention to work methodically.Technology, formal values and symbolism have always existed in jewelery.
Thus, jewelery design develops in parallel with other visual arts activities,
expression environment has gained.
Jewelry design is a three-dimensional work. With this feature, the dominance and
it is mostly similar to the art of sculpture in terms of concepts. From this point of view
jewelry-jewelery exhibition space as a work of art with human body
must have made an art to deserve the status we can qualify.
Some of us are habituated to their shells until the absence of existence
it keeps watching. For them it is what happens to life. If you are a creative person
I have the impression and excitement. Everything he sees is a child who has just begun to live
As with the first encounter of the object, the curiosity looks with enthusiasm. Jewelry design is also creative
Thought is important. A process of thinking and implementing based on new and valid ideas
we call creativity in design.
Creativity is not only the form of expression expressed by the thought
A thought and practice that results in the clarification of new and valid ideas
It is a process. With the difference of how fresh the product is,
The person who makes the project; new trends as a good observer, technological
progress, and current, artistic, philosophical, sociological, etc. track issues
All ideas to be used in the past are valid
it is imperative that the invention be carried out in the designed manner. Day-to-day fashion trends
(clothing, accessories, materials, etc.), materials, technical knowledge, a modern appreciation
to interpret it in the consumer.
ways to enrich ideas and solutions
Various and complicated data to identify proposals for users
be able to edit quickly and be creative with simple and simple solutions
1.3. Basic Terms Used in Design
1.3.1. design
To prepare for the mind to realize an idea.
1.3.2. design
Design, Doing what you want to bring to the market
before we bring it to the patriarch
It is a method of problem solving oriented for some reason.
Design, product that meets personal wishes to upgrade the standard of living
is the intellectual and material work process in which the creative process is created to be able to create.
1.3.3. Design
The strike means the first shape to be taken. In other words, what happens in your mind
The simulation is drawn on a two-dimensional plane.
Designed in mind, the first image is obtained by transferring the design onto the paper. draw
we are beginning to see a form that is formed in our thought and that does not really exist.
Thus, we have designed a bridge between the mind and the eye that we designed in our mind
. We think of the defects on the figure that appear in our mind or
we determine the redundancies and develop it with our existing designs.
1.3.4. design
A design comes first, then a design, and then a design is brought up. A design
in the visual sense of how beautiful he gets his final shape to try it
to serve a purpose, to be a product of good observation and thought, to be able to produce,
the creativity values, that is to say,
it has to differ from the ones and find their own particularities.
1.3.5. Designer
The designer has the technological, technical, artistic knowledge and skills related to the jewelry field
consumer desires, trends, and the area of ​​use.
1.3.6. Visual Idrak
Whether a design is suitable for design when it comes to design
the imaginary bridge established between the eyes and the mind to control is called visual cognition.
The eye from one side almost seems to see the design in our mind, and our brain
while we were giving orders to draw something to draw something similar
visually, our brain will check whether this vision design is appropriate.
With a two-way study of visual perception, both in the brain and in the brain
the correct transition and control is achieved.
1.3.7. Floor
The effects of various violent rays on visual perception are different. So the opinion
some of the objects in our field are more clearly visible, while some objects
they remain on the backplane without notice. Poorly effective areas are the second plaster mold and a floor
while those that have a strong effect when effecting bring about a formal and volumetric effect.
For this reason, forms that affect two dimensions in the basic design, form groups, or
Areas are referred to by the name of the floor.
1.3.8. Figure
Forms or form groups leading to visual reasoning are volumetric, ie, three dimensional
. These two-dimensional objects have almost third dimensions
they make an impression that they do not appear. Such forms and form groups are called shapes.
1.3.9. Format
Any shape that comes to a certain state with the surrounding lines is mean. One
square, and a perpendicular are separate forms. Even if they are the same size, a right triangle
The isosceles triangles have separate shapes. On the other hand,
The shapes are the same, only the measurements are different. In order for a form to be formed,
strong environmental lines must be found.
1.3.10. Creation
The work of creation or the thing created is called an invention of creation.
1.3.11. Collection
It has been brought together for learning, benefit or pleasure,
It is the whole of the objects separated into classes.
1.3.12. Style
It is used in the sense of style, form, style.
1.3.13. Fashion
With the need for change or the adventure of adornment,
fashion is called.
1.4. Design Stages
The jewelery differences that people use for various purposes since primitive ages
shows. Various beliefs, symbol of life culture, status indicator in society
etc. very different materials (feather, bead, leather etc.), metal stones
It is used. The tool is both powerful in terms of strength of the expression,
The reason for the richness of the tools and techniques is the very good observation of the jewelry design
and requires systematic work. Only jewelry design metal and stone together
or drawing to be a jewelry. Jewelry design,
the metal to be applied, the technique, the place to be used, the strength required to express it, and so on.
as a whole, interpreted by the creative ability of the
It is reviewed. Absolutely creativity, originality and functionality in design
is required.
Jewelry design stages to be applied in order to be successful in design
We can summarize:
Determine the design theme Doing Research and Data Totals
 Knowledge aggregation: International fashion trends, business and consumer needs,
technological and technical knowledge required for the production of the product,
functionality, nature and magazines, museums, libraries and cultures,
stores should be searched.
The designer must sum up all this collected data in a research book.
 Research drawings: The designer should note in the book during the market research
it should make drawings in the nature. The fashionable customer in the market
inspired by capturing the outer lines in the models in the front row
should be able to use as a line.
 Material: The next step after subject detection in jewelry design
It is collecting. Detailed information about the subject should be collected. In the formation of the design
information, picture, stone-metal
examples, plants, fabric pieces, photographs and all other materials
It covers. For this reason, material collection is a systematic decision
should be done in accordance with the given subject.
2.2. Inspiration Resources in Design Research
 Fashion trends: These are current trends.
The road must be made considering that the selected topic is linked to current trends.
There is no point in designing over and over again for years.
Innovative studies that follow current trends, looking forward to creative thinking
should be targeted.
For this reason, jewelry industry should be aware of the trends set a year ago, new
For the season, quality designs that contain cultural features should be created.
➢ Printed and visual sources: Encyclopedia, newspapers, magazines, related publications,
catalogs are examined. Information obtained from printed sources, photographs
Visual sources include fashion shows, fairs, exhibitions and magazines. Selected topic
all appropriate visual sources should be exploited. For example; a piece of jewelry
observing, participating in fairs and making observations constitute important resources in jewelry design
you will. For jewelry design, it is enough to follow exhibitions and defamations
It is not. To follow different art branches, to visit painting-sculpture exhibitions,
completing clothing deficiencies, and so on. Different
to gather material by following new technological developments to gain perspective
visual sources should be followed closely.
 Color stories: Selected color from trends set in jewelry industry
is that the varieties are collected and placed in an order. This is mostly the story
It is done together with the board.
 Design panel: Design panel; information, picture, stone, metal samples, plants,
fabric pieces, photographs, and so on.
 Various stones, beads, metals: When you are designing a jewelry model, you have either
a model suitable for the stone is designed, or if there is no desired stone, the model
After designing the model, the metal model, metal color,
stone should be selected. Jewelry form and stone create a unity with one another
it should not go above the other.
Alexsandrit stone
the Sitra
Turquoise (Firuze)
Moreover, in the jewelry design made, it will reflect the model well,
the desired color and the desired properties should be selected and the texture to be used on the metal surface
Tissue is the surface of the outer surface that is felt when a cismin is touched,
It is a structure.
Generally speaking, art products are perceived with texture, sight and touch senses,
comprehension, influence. In art products, formerly surface, paint and
when it is desired to obtain the predetermined images through various processes
Today, we define the material according to its internal structure and define it in terms of its possibilities
and the texture of the material can be shaped according to its organizational structure.
Tissue is an important factor for jewelry. The element that gives meaning to jewelry for texture
We can say. In the process of creating an original design,
it will not be possible to provide it. The importance of the product as much as the form of the docus
we must be aware that you carry it. So much so that in the interior of the ward,
individual expression that is covered with tissue knot and completed
Successful presentation of your integrity. The form and texture that makes the presentation is the showcase of the form.
The effects that jewelry makes on the audience give a meaning to the jewelry.
It is a fact that the tissues leave psychological influences on the object that they perceive on the human.
The character of the tissue attachment is also the server. That is, the sense of human vision
influenced by the surface of the object he sees as his
Definitions. This general understanding of the designer's knowledge and product creation process in this
considering the situation
Story and color panos are all called design panos.
a. Color panel: color panel to show the color sequences to be used in the design
It is prepared. Colors to be used can be obtained from any material. For example,
beads, yarn, ribbon, leaves, hairpins, etc. colors are specified using objects.
Design and collection of color panel design works
colors and color schemes, next-season color groups and tones of designers
they can make decisions about.
By creating a group from the materials in your hand in the direction of your choice,
you can bring your board to the square.
b. Storyboard: Selected metal specimens to create a story board, stone
samples, fabrics, ribbons, various photographs, jewelry samples, inspiration resources, place of activity
pictures, color groups prepared for the color panel, and so on. documents
It should be prepared.
Clothes forms that reflect international fashion trends in the story clip, color
trends, research data, and subject-based techniques, as well as tissue techniques
examples, all kinds of objects related to the plug, photographs can be used.
The pictures are of a quality that supports the image of the person or company
should be. In addition, this pano is a collection of all kinds of pictures, objects and
three dimensional material can also be used.
Story board, highlighted in fashion trends and related season fashion stories
the theme should also be supportive.
In this respect, we can list the qualities that should be found in the story board:
Selected materials, ie main materials
 Images that show the applications, products, or places that support the theme
 For example: pictures related to culture, pictures and photographs related to ethnic jewelry, etc.
 Accessories; hats, caps, bracelets, accessories used on clothes,
buttons, feather, bracelets
 Seasons or seasonal accents.
 Selected stone and metal colors from the color pan, intermediate material colors
 Sources of inspiration and model designs, examples related to jewelry (ethnic jewelry,
modern jewelery)
From this information and the way of giving the whole story, aesthetic sense panoda
should be exhibited in a flow.
The creator of the story board designer is also a source of research data
an artistic table brought to the moon. From the ideas of the designer,
will concentrate on the design panos.

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