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Agate is a very ancient mineral, the first mention of it dates back to the 3rd century BC. Products from this stone are found in Egyptian tombs and ancient tombs in England and the Urals. According to different versions, its name came from the river Akhates in Sicily, or from the Greek "agates", which means "happy".

It is a type of quartz found in a variety of colors and patterns. A child’s marble. This stone was highly valued in ancient times as it was said to quench thirst and protect from fevers.

This gemstone is a jewelry-ornamental stone, a kind of chalcedony, which in turn is a kind of quartz. From the point of view of chemistry, agate is silica (SiO2) . In untreated form, the surface of the mineral is matte, and after polishing it acquires a glassy sheen.

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Green Agate Jewelry

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