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Diamond Accent Rings

Did you know why diamonds are used as accents on rings? This is because accents are small in size and provide a unique value to customers with limited budgets. Depending on the styles, these gemstones can be used to add value to the fine jewelry pieces. Historically, diamond prices have been very high and this makes most of these jewelry items difficult to purchase. Medium and low income segment consumers cannot enjoy those items. Instead of using larger stones, designers have been using diamonds sizes less than 1.5mm on the pieces so their cost of production can be lowered to meet the consumers income levels. There are different sizes for using stones  on the sides of the rings. We will explain each of those setting types below so you can have brief understanding about how jewelers are pricing their items based on the number and the quality of the stones used. With the development of internet marketplaces, customers are shopping mostly budget friendly items rather than one-of-a-kind high end jewelries. Comparing similar looking items online with similar diamond qualities are helping consumers to obtain their desired styles at relatively lower prices.

History of Diamond Accent Rings:

Antique ring pieces can be diamond accent too, however due to limited manufacturing techniques, diamonds were usually cut with more simple methods. Antique diamond rings usually accented with 'Rose Cut' diamond rings that usually has lesser facets on them. They have stronger fire but due to the lower number of facets, their brilliance is usually lesser. Historically, instead of prongs, mostly bezel setting types were used to secure the stones on gold. With the achievement of mold castings, this gave way to the prong setting types. Advanced design techniques helped small stones to be mounted on rings without any obstacles. Micro setting types are good example for using very small diamonds on diamond jewelries. Micro pave settings are made by using diamonds with less than 1mm in diameter size. They are labor intensive products with less shine however due to the low carat weight they also come with attractive price levels to the customers. 3D jewelry design programs help designers in reaching at very precise millimetric design details so that stones can be mounted easily by setters. Commonly, most jewelry products were produced in bulks with the help of conventional rubber or silicon molds. However, due to the advanced technologies, producing jewelries with 3D wax materials are coming less expensive every other day. This help jewelry manufacturers to focus more on custom orders.

Retail Stores VS Online Sellers Sales Performance Compared for Diamond Accent Rings:
In USA, major retail stores such as Walmart, Sears and J.C. Penney have been offering diamond accent rings on their product shelves for many decades. The only problem to this is ring size. If customer fancies a style, it is difficult to resize these type of rings at the stores. Jewelry stores' sales are on the spot. That means customers are time sensitive. If a sale has to be postponed due to sizing problems, retailers risk loosing the sale. On the contrary, most online sellers offers many styles that are already offered in major brick and mortar jewelry stores. Customers who shops online have some more flexibility for the time sensitivity. This allows online jewelry manufacturers to offer their items with several ring size and metal type options. The trade off between timing and cost depends on the customer type always.

Diamond Accent Rings and Geographical Popularity:

Diamond accented rings are mostly enjoyed in rural and suburban areas that are inhabited with medium and low income families. Accent stones are not larger than 1.5mm, the smallest sizes can be even 0.8mm. 

Diamond Accent Rings

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