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Chrysocolla jewelry is made from chrysocolla stone, a mineral that is a complex silicate of copper, has a unique color of sky-blue, blue, greenish-blue and brown shades. An opaque, but sometimes slightly translucent stone has a characteristic waxy and greasy glassy shine, uneven and shell-like fracture. The mineral is fragile, decomposes in acids and is subject to the negative effects of household chemicals and cleaning products. Chrysocolla received its name in ancient times from the Greek "chrysos" - gold and "call" - glue. According to the legend of the mines of King Solomon, the stone received the second name - Elat (Eilat), but if samples of those years were veins of the mineral in sandstones, nowadays pure chrysocolla is mined in numerous deposits. Emperor Nero and Cleopatra wore jewelry made from the sky-blue mineral. The main deposits of chrysocolla are the Andes. Also mineral deposits are rich in Germany, Bavaria, USA, Peru, Chile and Zaire. In the Russian Turyin mines there are large deposits of stone of sky blue hues. 


Types and Colors of the Chrysocolla:

The main colors of chrysocolla are shades of sky-blue and blue, less often there are green-blue, brown and black. The predominance of certain chemical elements in the composition of chrysocolla has a direct impact on the color of the stone. The increased copper content gives the mineral a turquoise color, the inclusion of manganese is observed in brown crystals. The green shade of chrysocolla is obtained by combining elements such as iron, copper and aluminum. Depending on the deposit, chrysocolla is distinguished from Arizona, Mexican and Peruvian. According to the structure, origin and chemical composition of the mineral is divided into the following types:

Bisbiit is a blue mineral characterized by a low percentage of water content.
Asperolite is a green-blue stone whose structure is formed in the form of reniform fragile masses. The mineral has a high percentage of water.
Demidovite - blue, blue or greenish mineral, which is formed in a thin layer on malachite.

A variety of stone used in jewelry and crafts because of its similarity with turquoise, is the most expensive among all types of chrysocolla. 


The Magical Properties of Chrysocolla:

The mysterious and mysterious mineral chrysocolla due to its properties occupies a special place in magic circles. It has long been considered the stone of philosophers, sorcerers, magicians and naturalists, and the chosen reveals the essence of the universe. Wards made of mineral protect from evil spirits, relieve from illusions and obsessive thoughts (for example, if a person constantly thinks about alcohol (how to drink, or how not to drink, not “break”), in this case chrysocolla will help get rid of drunkenness , alcoholism). Chrysocolla is considered to be a stone of wisdom. Amulets from it are indispensable for researchers, scientists and discoverers. A stone will help sensible people to shape the thoughts, visionaries and frivolous persons he will teach to live in a true world. The magic of chrysocolla is able to teach a person to communicate, to make him more talkative and open, eliminating shyness and isolation. Touching the mineral has a beneficial effect on intuition, it helps to find tolerance and balance. In a woman, chrysocolla develops maternal instincts and a feminine principle, making her tender and refined. With their properties, talismans and amulets from chrysocolla will help children suffering from nightmares, fear of the dark and contrived fears. In such cases, near the crib put a statuette, which will restore the balance between the world of illusions and realities.


Medicinal Properties:

The healing effect of chrysocolla has been recognized for centuries and has found application in modern lithotherapy. Mineral has a beneficial effect on the female body, restores and normalizes the work of the genitals. It helps with acute menstrual pain and inflammation of the female genital organs, restores ovarian function and the menstrual cycle, and normalizes hormones. Stone has a positive effect on the body of a pregnant or newly born woman, smoothing hormonal changes in the body. Properties of chrysocolla can cure infertility, not only in women but also in men. In case of respiratory diseases, sore throat, bronchitis or chronic coughing, the mineral will relieve asthma and painful sensations, will help to eliminate sputum and speedy recovery. For this, chrysocolla plates are applied to the chest or, for the time of illness, they put on a pendant. When diseases of the thyroid gland is recommended to wear beads. People suffering from diseases of the digestive tract, lithotherapists are advised to periodically wear a bracelet or a ring with a stone. It is believed that chrysocolla is able to restore the mucous membrane and cure ulcers, while their subsequent appearance develops sustained immunity. Stone in jewelry and products has a beneficial effect on vitality and psycho-emotional state. It will relieve from insomnia and nightmares, depression, depression, apathy and severe depressive states. Chrysocolla plates can cure many diseases, including relieving rheumatic conditions. For this it is necessary for a short time to attach them to the sore spot. 


Chrysocolla Products, Decorations and Prices:

 Since ancient times, chrysocolla is used in jewelry, as well as for the manufacture of souvenirs, handicrafts and decorative elements. All kinds of jewelry are made from it - rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and beads. The similarity with turquoise makes jewelry of the mineral even more popular and desirable. The palette of colors and properties of chrysocolla attracts close attention of collectors. Statues carved out of stone, figurines and balls have special magnetism. In the free market are polished stones, tumbling and cabochons. The price of products from the sky-blue stone depends on the size of the stone, the complexity of the work, as well as the number and range of additional inclusions. For example, a ring with chrysocolla with a diameter of 1.4 cm in a silver frame can be purchased for 3,500 rubles, while the cost of an iguana carvings 14x13 cm in size will be 28,000 rubles. Treated stones have a low price - tumbling up to 4 cm in diameter can be purchased for 600-800 rubles.


Chrysocolla for Signs of the Zodiac:

Chrysocolla gives its owner wisdom, harmony and tranquility, especially if he was born under the zodiac constellation Sagittarius or Taurus. Representatives of the first sign stone gives the mind and quick response to unforeseen situations. Taurus mineral teach understanding and judgment. Amulets and talismans with chrysocolla will bring good luck, happiness and well-being to people born under the constellation Lviv, Rakov, Libra and Aquarius. The location of the moon has a direct impact on the relationship of the stone with the host, so the purchase of chrysocolla should be carried out on the fifth lunar day. The energy of the mineral on this day reaches a maximum, as a result of which the connection of the owner with the stone becomes strong and inseparable.

Chrysocolla Stone Jewelry

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