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Blue Diamonds and ow Blue Diamonds become so popular with the history of infamous "Hope Diamond":

Many diamonds are known for their bad luck. These are believed to have passed on to the hand, and they have driven it to the catastrophe. One of these is the Blue Diamond. Because of the name of one of his owners, he is known as Hope Elm. The 119,5-carat wife of this little girl, in 1642, brought a French traveler named Jean Tavernier to Europe. His apple broke in India with the appearance of a Buddha statue.

An Indian priest said that this behavior would bring bad luck to him. Indeed, the bad luck chased each other; Tavernier, the apple of the King of France XIV. He sold it to Louis. A year after that, dogs broke Tavernier in Spain. King of France XVI. Louis gave his hand to his wife Marie Antoinette. It has not remained uninvited.

In 1830, a British named Daniel Elias sold his hand to Banker Hope for 200,000 liras. Hope. Shortly after he took his apple, he went bankrupt. Later, he goes crazy. A Russian prince called Kanitovsky did not believe these rumors, but bought his hands and gave gifts to a noble woman from his eyes. Not too soon, she killed a woman with another friend's knife. The new owner of the diamond was Simon Monkaricies of Greece. Even though the open-minded man sold his apple to Sultan Abdulhamit at a very high price, he soon became a victim of an accident with his wife and son. You also know the end of Abdülhamit.

So the bad luck went on and on. Devrin races well-known women to wear this handmade, with some unexpected disasters coming out of the crowd. Finally, Tina took the Blue Diamond, the wife of Greek shipowner Onasis. However, it is also unexpected at times to leave his beloved husband.

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