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Black Diamond Anniversary Band

If you're looking for a dramatic and unexpected anniversary ring, black diamonds may be the right choice for you. In spite of the fact that these fancy-colored diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years, most people are not aware of the fact that these are black diamonds. You may be thinking of purchasing a black diamond anniversary band in the near future, and there are a lot of things you need to know about this special gemstone besides its intense color

An anniversary band made from black diamonds has a unique, mysterious beauty. Black diamonds have the ability to add a dramatic touch to rings, wedding bands, earrings, and many other types of fine jewelry due to their rich depth. Black diamonds possess many other unique qualities besides the fact that they have a unique style. Among gemstones, black diamonds are unique in a number of ways, from how they are formed to how they should be cleaned.

What is a Black Diamond? 

Black diamonds fall into the category of fancy colored diamonds, the same category as pink diamonds, blue diamonds, and yellow diamonds. A diamond can change its color if it is exposed to elements or minerals that change its form naturally in the earth over a period of millions of years. 

The presence of boron in diamonds causes them to turn blue when they are being formed, for example. The black color of a diamond can be obtained by having large quantities of black mineral inclusions, such as graphite, pyrite, or hematite. If the presence of mineral inclusions in a fancy black diamond is concentrated to a certain extent, the diamond may look brown, dark green, gray, or black. 

What does the term black diamond mean? 

The symbolism of black diamonds is the same as that of other diamonds, but they also have a unique meaning of their own. In the same way that white diamonds symbolize purity, love, fidelity, and eternity, black diamonds are seen as symbols of the same things. As well as that, they are also thought to symbolize power, charisma, certainty, and passion. 

History and origin of black diamonds

There is still a mystery surrounding the origin of black diamonds and it is widely debated as to where they originate. There is a belief that the first raw form of the black diamond was discovered in Brazil by Portuguese settlers and was christened "carbonados" as a result. Black diamonds refer to their burnt appearance. Black diamonds are found today exclusively in Brazil and Central Africa.

This particular type of diamond was estimated to have been formed around 3.8 billion years ago. It is just as old, or older, than many of the colorless diamonds on the market today

Unique Qualities of Black Diamond anniversary band

The black diamond anniversary bands are particularly unique - not only because of their color but also because of their unique shape and size. There are white diamonds as well as other fancy colored diamonds, which have transparency that enhances their brilliance and fire. Black diamonds, on the other hand, are usually entirely opaque. Instead of having a scintillating appearance, these black stones have a captivating, lustrous shine. 

The Four Cs of Black Diamonds 

The fact that black diamonds possess such distinctive qualities means that they cannot be graded by the four C's of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat) in the same way as colorless diamonds can be. It is true that black diamonds can receive cut grades and that they can have a carat weight. The color and cut grades of black diamonds cannot be graded based on the standard system. As black diamonds fall far outside of the colorless diamond scale, they cannot be graded on a colorless diamond scale, and they cannot be graded on a clarity scale as they are inherently so highly included, making them difficult to grade. 

As a result, black diamonds will not come with the same type of grading report that is provided for certified colorless diamonds. Alternatively, black diamonds may come with a different type of report that describes things such as the color of the diamond (black diamonds have one color grade: Fancy black) as well as whether the diamond is natural or synthetic. As the name suggests, the GIA's version of this report is called a Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report. 

The Difference in Caring for a Black Diamond 

A black diamond is black due to the presence of numerous inclusions, which can make a black diamond more prone to cracking. Due to this fact, you need to take great care when cleaning black diamonds. In order to clean the black diamond anniversary band at home, you should use only soap and water to clean it. It is important to be aware that you should never use steam cleaners or ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean black diamond jewelry. Black diamonds are far too delicate to be cleaned with these cleaners and can easily be damaged. 

The Rarity & Affordability of Black Diamond anniversary band

In the same way as other fancy colored diamonds, black diamonds are extremely rare. If you're familiar with the price of colorless diamonds and black diamonds, you may find that black diamond anniversary bands are a much more affordable choice. Black diamonds are more difficult to find than colorless diamonds. 

Why is the price of a black diamond anniversary band lesser than the price of a colorless diamond anniversary band? Simply put, the price depends on supply and demand. Due to the high demand for colorless diamonds, diamond miners and jewelers are charging higher prices for colorless diamonds. 

Are black diamonds heat treated? 

There are some black diamonds that have not been heated. Despite this, the majority of the black diamonds that are currently being sold in the market have been heat-treated in order to create their color. In many cases, the black diamonds you find in jewelry stores are natural diamonds that were initially gray in color and then went through a process of heat treatment in order to attain their even black color. In the present day, most of the black diamond anniversary bands sold today feature heat-treated black diamonds as natural black diamonds with even color are much rarer and more expensive.  

In a black diamond anniversary band, you can use these types of black diamonds

When it comes to black diamonds, there are a few options available to choose from - each with a different price tag and a different level of brilliance.

Natural Black Diamonds

These are the "real" black diamonds, and it can be used in a black diamond anniversary band. Diamonds receive their color from impurities that cause them to change from clear to opaque. In the case of polycrystalline diamonds, this occurs in case amorphous carbon and graphite are present. The process occurs during the initial formation of the stone and depending on the number of impurities present, the stone can turn black.

Treated Black Diamonds

A black diamond stone is made from white diamonds which are considered to have a low perceived value and are used in this form. Diamonds with a lot of inclusions are often used as industry-grade diamonds, despite their inclusions. In the world of black diamonds, black-colored diamonds are the cheapest and are often referred to as black-colored diamonds.

Man-Made Black Diamonds

Lab-made diamonds are not true diamonds - as the name implies. Due to the technology involved in creating these stones, as well as the cost and time involved in creating them, these stones are more expensive than treated diamonds.

Due to the lower costs involved, there is a market for more vibrantly colored stones rather than lab-grown black diamonds. It is predicted that lab-made diamonds will become the norm for many people as technology becomes more readily available at a lower cost.

Designing Your Black diamond anniversary band

One of the most important features to consider when choosing a black diamond for an anniversary ring is the presence of surface-reaching inclusions. The inclusions that are inherently present in black diamonds can make them difficult to cut and polish, as a result. The fact is that it is extremely common for facets to be pitted or to exhibit draglines after polishing.

Even if the inclusions are tiny, they shouldn't cause a problem if they are only reaching the surface. Also, you should avoid large feathers or cracks along the girdle of the stone, as these can make the stone vulnerable to chipping. Further, you can choose the black diamond anniversary band that is most appealing in terms of its characteristics and complement it with a white gold or platinum ring to create a stunning contrast in color and shine.

Having a black diamond that is ultra-modern and sleek is the natural way to approach it. In order to create our Sora ring, we paired a solitaire black diamond with a knife-edge band in white gold for a simple, elegant, and oddly mysterious ring. It is no secret that the bold look of a black diamond pair exceptionally well with a sculptural setting. It is made up of a beautiful round-cut black diamond set in arcing prongs made from shiny white gold for a natural look accented by a few small white diamonds that add some sparkle to the ring.

In the same way that black diamonds are so striking, they also make excellent accent stones for black diamond anniversary bands. A couple of our favorites are Riker - a twisting double band that looks like alternating waves of white and black diamonds - and Thomas - an elegant men's wedding band with black and white diamonds in a grid pattern.

With their sleek, sophisticated appeal, black diamonds have an utterly unexpected and dramatic allure. Especially with a center stone, consider the cut of the diamond so as to emphasize getting a stone that isn't too fragile, and you're bound to end up with a one-of-a-kind statement ring!

Should You Go for a Black Diamond anniversary band?

There is quite a bit of information that differs from the more well-known universe of colorless diamonds with regard to the world of black diamonds. Now let's get into what you need to know about black diamonds.

Black diamonds come in two types

A black diamond anniversary band can be divided into two main categories: natural black diamonds and diamonds that have been treated so they appear black. Black diamonds are considered to be significantly more valuable and desirable than all other types of diamonds, as is true for all-natural diamonds. Compared to raw black diamonds, treated black diamonds are much less valuable and also can be found more easily, especially in the mainstream market.

The treated black diamonds are white diamonds with a high volume of inclusions and fractures. It is not uncommon that they appear as dull gray colors at first and have very little value in this state. As the inclusions and fractures within these diamonds are heated, pressed, or irradiated, their black hue is intensified, resulting in a black diamond.

Diamonds are graded differently than black diamonds

The GIA does not grade black diamonds, instead of issuing a Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report. In this report, these diamonds are described as Fancy black diamonds, and they are either classified as natural diamonds or as treated diamonds. This is done because black diamonds fall outside of the standard grading range as far as color and clarity are concerned, and in some cases, they fall outside of the adjusted range as well.

You shouldn't expect a sparkling gemstone

The opaque nature of black diamonds means that they lack the sparkle and brilliance associated with diamonds. A black diamond, on the other hand, is characterized by what is known as an adamantine luster. In other words, it gives them a shiny and smooth appearance, giving them the same appearance as you would expect from an emerald.

Hard to find, but not quite rare

It is true that black diamonds are not considered to be as rare as other fancy-colored diamonds, particularly those with pink or green hues. But this doesn't mean that they are easy to come by. Despite the fact that natural black diamonds are only found in Brazil and Central Africa, it is hard to find ones that have a high amount of inclusions and clusters of graphite in order to make them deeply black on their own.

Black Diamond anniversary band at an affordable price

The price for a natural black diamond anniversary band that has been certified by the GIA usually ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per carat, according to its weight. This can make them a more affordable alternative to colorless diamonds, but it also depends on the quality of the 4Cs of the diamond being considered.

Fragile than a typical diamond

It is possible for a black diamond to contain tens or even thousands of microscopic fractures and inclusions due to the composition of the stone. Despite the fact that diamonds have an excellent reputation for hardness and durability, the high percentage of fractures in black diamonds makes them more prone to breakage from sharp blows.

The distribution of colors varies

Black diamonds often can be described by the way in which their colors are distributed. Various black diamonds exist on a scale ranging from the most opaque to the most translucent. It should be noted that the most valuable and desirable black diamonds have an even color distribution, which makes them quite opaque. Black diamond anniversary bands can appear uniquely different from one another depending on the type of inclusions that they contain and how the stone is polished, as is the case with most fancy-colored diamonds.

Carbonado refers to it in raw form

There is a curious stone known as carbonado that most people refer to as the "raw black diamond". This material is more accurately described as the polycrystalline or aggregate diamond material, made up of amorphous carbon, graphite, and diamond. There are a lot of words that are used to describe something that has a different chemical structure than pure diamonds.

There is a distinct possibility that Carbonado is a substance with extraterrestrial origins as it resembles charcoal in both its look and feel. Unlike other diamonds, Carbonado has none of the mantle-dwelling minerals that characterize other diamonds and contains chemical and mineral mixtures that are only found in meteorites.

Often found in men's jewelry

Black diamonds, with their modern, bold, and striking looks have a lot of contrast that makes them stand out, thus making them a very popular choice for men's jewelry. If you are seeking a black diamond anniversary band with a strong and unique look then you have come to the right place.  There is a lot of inspiration available when it comes to black diamonds.

Black Diamond Anniversary Band

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