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Beryl gems are the guardian stone of conjugal bonds.


1-What are the Types and Colors of Beryl

2-Magical Properties of Beryl Stone

3-Healing Properties of Beryl

4-Zodiac Signs of Beryl


1-What are the Types and Colors of Beryl

The silicate of beryllium and aluminum is called beryl. This gem can be painted in almost all colors. Beryls with beautiful coloring and its varieties are the most popular gems. Good quality beryl specimens are highly valued. Many of them decorate museum collections of stones and private collections. From this gem are made various small souvenirs, crafts, prints and carvings. Deposits of beryl are in France, Bavaria, Sweden and Russia. What are the types and colors of beryl Beryl has a huge variety of varieties and a rich range of colors. The most famous beryls: Emerald - the most expensive of all beryl. Most often has a rich green color, but in general the colors vary depending on the deposit. Aquamarine . Colors range from blue to blue, coloration is often uniform. Small gems weighing less than 3 carats are not of great value, but large stones play a big role in jewelry business. Morgant . Extremely expensive and rare gem. Mineral has a large number of red shades: from pale pink to burgundy. Heliodorus. Beryl is light green with a bright golden glow. This gem can be completely transparent and have a soft yellow tint. When heated to 400 degrees, the heliodor loses its golden color and acquires a blue tinge. Mashish. Gem with a dense blue color is named for the city in Brazil, near which it was found. In its properties, the stone is very similar to Augustite, but fading is much faster. Color instability caused low mineral cost, and its extraction is considered unprofitable and is very irregular. Rosterite. The color of this beryl can range from completely colorless to bright pink. Mineral differs from other stones in that it has a high content of alkali metals and other impurities. For the price and cost is similar with goshenitom. Augustin. This kind of blue beryl can reach a price of 150 dollars per carat. In consequence of the high cost, Augustite is often subject to forgery. Gem has the property to fade from time or from a long stay in the sun. Goshenit. The colorless variety of beryl attracts attention with its restrained brilliance. Transparent gem as a jeweler's material is valued much less than its painted brothers. However, sets and decorative goshenit have a considerable demand, because this mineral does not scatter around itself a large number of multicolored sparks. Ornaments with this gem are solemn and strict. Pezzoatit. This gem, found in Madagascar, for several years was considered a special type of beryl. The pink mineral impressed the researchers with a bright coloration and a high content of cesium in its composition. Bazzit. A blue mineral with a weak color intensity. The stone is brought in a separate variety because of the high content of scandium in itself. In the jewelry business is not used. Bixbit. Beryl is red. Because of its rarity, a one-carat gem can cost up more. Many call bikespit red emerald, but its prevalence is much less than emerald. Crimson beryl is mined in only one deposit, which is periodically flooded with groundwater.


2-Magical Properties of Beryl Stone:

Beryl is a guardian stone of conjugal ties, a family hearth. Gemstone will promote a good relationship between children and parents, husband and wife. The mineral will not allow penetration into the house of negative energy, which can bring both guests with bad intentions, and the household members themselves. Beryl instantly dispels any negative, since the stone is a guard of peace and goodwill. Not only does the gem protect the family, it also protects the stability of the professional and financial situation of its owner. If the owner of beryl shines dismissal or bankruptcy, he should put on a talisman with beryl, and the incidents will be exhausted. In litigation, the mineral will help win the case. The female stone is also beryl: the gem will give the owner love and loyalty to the man, the trust and respect of the children, the sincerity of the girlfriends. Back to the table of contents


3-Healing properties of Beryl

Beryl improves immunity and the return of lost health. In ancient times, this gem was used as a medicine for chronic diseases of the intestine and stomach. The inhabitants of ancient Babylon used a mineral to treat hepatitis and liver diseases. Stone was considered healing for women, he was credited with the ability to heal gynecological diseases. Doctors of antiquity believed that to heal a damaged organ it is necessary to direct a ray of light through a gem to it. Modern lithotherapists recommend wearing beryl for migraines and bronchial diseases. In addition, the mineral can be used to relieve back pain.


4-Zodiac Signs of Beryl:

Beryl is a talisman for Libra , Gemini and Scorpio . Active and constantly moving representatives of the sign Gemini beryl helps to achieve its own and more and more confident and go forward. The mineral will not allow the Gemini to abandon matters unfinished, will force them to solve even the most difficult tasks. The action of beryl will allow representatives of this sign to always achieve excellent results in any occupation. Beryl needs Libra during bouts of gloom, a decline in strength, melancholy and a pessimistic mood. Gem will help the representatives of this sign to get out of the depression and will give courage for new achievements. Beryl will assist in establishing friendly relations, muffle the negative features of representatives of the sign of Libra, such as laziness, self-doubt, apathy and weak-willedness. Gemstone will provide Scorpios invaluable help: relieve the negative and help to extinguish anger. Beryl will help representatives of the Scorpio sign to become more friendly and teach them to think about at least close people, and awaken and strengthen such qualities as caring, iron will, strong spirit and a sense of their invincibility. 

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