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Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

"Royal Asscher" which can also be counted as the world's three largest cutters brands. Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are priced slightly higher than round brilliants or princess cuts. 

Among them, "Royal Asscher Diamond" is a diamond jeweler who was awarded the title "Royal" from the royal family in the world only. "Royal Asscher" with 74 facets holds the beauty enough to be said "to deliver an elegant shine like inviting the viewer to the world inside the diamond."
This time we will introduce such "Royal Asscher Diamond".

What is Royal Asscher Cut?

Royal Asscher is also the world's three largest cutters and refers to the diamond that Royal Usher cut into 74 faces.

Until 2000 Royal Asscher was adopting a 58-sided cut Asscher  Cut, but when developing other cutting companies with this asschercutting technology as another company also developed as a new cutting method Cutting method is Royal Asscher Cut.

The difference between Royal Asscher and Asscher is the number of cuts. Royal Asscher cut was developed as a belief that it will derive the maximum glow of diamonds, so it can be said as a grade up version of Asscher.

Jewelry made of precise "royal asschercut" made up of 74 facets has a high transparency and elegance, and has a powerful shine not found in any other diamond.

Jewelry of "Royal Asscher" is a garment part of the side of the diamond, the traditional crown mark and "ROYAL ASSCHER CUT" letters and serial numbers are engraved and its serial number is also listed in the warranty card.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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